Look Ma!

by lostindrawers


No, seriously, look ma! I got dressed and I have NO stress hives on my face. That’s been a a little problem for about a week. It seems as though they have moved to my knees and that’s all right with me folks!

But besides a few hives, we started celebrating my 29th birthday over a dinner with my extra family last weekend and that was nice and sweet and lovely. But, this weekend I get to love on my family…and love on them I will! it really is the best gift I could get. But enough about me! We also celebrated Clio turning 5 months big, and we all got teary eyed. Yes, we looked at all of his puppy puppy photos…and then held him and Emory and looked at Mr. Em’s puppy photos! Eventually, we got a hold of ourselves. It’s been a good week all in all, and it was nice to take part of the central market dollar roses Bo bought me on a whim and made a little arrangement…because a girl needs a lot of flowers, right? So, here is to the coming weekend, with all its celebrating and food and family. I’m a lucky gal. A lucky girl with no hives!