Hey 29!

by lostindrawers


So, you may know that this past weekend was my wonderful wife Heather’s birthday. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this woman whom I love. I will gladly risk sounding too mushy to tell you that she is without a doubt a person whom is worthy of praise and well wishes. She is beautiful, kind, adventurous, loving, funny, loyal, a good daughter, an amazing friend and a wonderful wife. She is my partner in life and most every good thing in our life is from something she dreams up. So, it was fitting that myself and our families would step it up this year and give her a birthday that expressed our love. From a lot of Japanese food, to Totoro cakes, many sweet treats, to Hello Kitty, to shopping and shoes, to handbags and yes, an Electric Bicycle from her parents – this week we did our best to show our love to this woman we all love. Here is to the next year, may it be even better than the last.