Alvin, Simon, Theodore

by lostindrawers


No, but seriously, that’s the first thing my mom can think to say to me when she saw me in this outfit? Well, I’ll take it! Who doesn’t love the Chipmunks? Speaking of the Chipmunks, is it Christmas time yet? Our household is overdue for some Christmas music.

But on to more important matters. Yes, I’m still loving this new bike of mine. Enough to ride it to our neighborhood middle school, and had so much fun riding around their playground while we shot a few iPad photos. People looked, children played basketball, so it was an all around awkward, yet still fun afternoon. But hey – that “A” sweater needed its one shining moment. And while we are on fashion – we ladies need more bicycle assessable outfits, more skorts, better shoes, fabrics friendly for longer rides about town and real clothes rather than spandex and sneakers.