It’s Candy Corn Time

by lostindrawers


So, first things first. Whatever this cold, sinus infection sickness is…it is crap. And it needs to leave my body immediately. But in spite of sickness trying to slow our household down, we can’t just put life totally on hold. It was a week of new things and few favorite things. I went to a new doctor, which is always a lot of hoops to jump through. Bo knew this, so Dale’s Donuts and their pillow-y donut hole of perfection were in order. I also did something I have been wanting to do, but never thought I would – I got my eyebrows threaded. And the result was so good! Sometimes trying seemingly minor things can give oneself a boost – especially when your sinuses have been in open rebellion. Yes, I return to favorite things when I am sick, so needless to say there was a lot of  Japanese Pocky treats and weird Japanese drinks and of course, Totoro. But it’s time for a three day weekend, my dad Michael’s birthday and hopefully some semi-fall weather? You hear that Texas? fall weather!

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