Hocus Pocus

by lostindrawers

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It’s almost October! It seems everything loves to start earlier and earlier each year. We bought candy corn super early, Hocus Pocus is playing on the Lifetime network…though it should be on ABC Family but that’s another story, pumpkins are out everywhere. And I am really ready for Halloween, mainly because around Halloween my mother & I will be taking a trip down to Florida, for a certain Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, with a certain Mouse. Needless to say I am pretty pumped.

But let’s talk about some fashion. or #OOTD. I, for the longest time didn’t know what that stood for and had to Google it. Seriously, I’m only 29? What’s wrong with me. So in honor of the aforementioned hashtag, I wore this super cute polka dot dress with my favorite jacket of the moment. Even more fun, we trespassed at a doctor’s office and took some of these photos and the weekend could officially begin.