Texas’ Number One Christmas Store

by lostindrawers


Who doesn’t love the Christmas spirit, and smell the familiar smells and bask in the decor? We sure do, and Heather has been wanting to go to this particular year-round Christmas store since I met her. And so on this particular day, after church – The Village Church – I decided we would have a little day adventure and headed over to Decorator’s Warehouse: Texas’ #1 Christmas Store! It’s beyond huge, more than a lot to take in, pretty magical, and all-around beautiful in the same breath. We saw some new things for decorating with over the next few months, and I think made more mental wish lists than we will be able to remember. I was a blast, and I cannot wait for December – both of ours favorite month of the year! How can you top it? Well, I decided to surprise her with Thanksgiving/holiday food – the works, roasted poultry, dressing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato souffle. Can you tell we are ready for the holidays?!

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