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Month: October, 2013

Kiki’s Delivery Service


I’m back from Disney! And, it just happens to be Halloween and we of course continue our tradition of dressing up as semi-obscure characters? No, but really we love anime films from Studio Ghibli, and this year we went as one of my favorites – Kiki and Tombo from the amazing Kiki’s Delivery Service! Well, at least our version of a young adult Kiki and Tombo! It just makes us want multiple Halloweens a year so we have an excuse to delve into cosplay dress-up for all our favorite films! And the pups? Well, they went as salty sailor dogs, naturally. I may miss Disney and the lovely adventure I had with my Mom, but it’s good to be home with these boys of mine.

Happy Halloween!


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Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch


Well, it’s officially the beginning of the holiday season (yes, it runs from Halloween to New Years according to us) for our household, as we made our third annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Heather, Emory and I are two year veterans, BUT Mister Clio August Liles was a rookie. And there were some rookie mistakes made. Like running off from his family, and not knowing what to do with a million kids running around. But all in all? A good trip. The weather was good so our preferred pumpkin patch was busy with kids and parents alike. Emory is a pro. He loves all the attention, as you can see from his ridiculous facial expressions! But it was time well spent the week before Heather heads off to Disney World with her mom. Us boys love her, and it is going to be a madhouse without her I am sure. But one thing is for sure, the weather is perfect and its time to stock up on the ever elusive red-hots because its more and more time to make wassail and holiday treats!

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Smile You’re On Camera


When you see an abandoned service station that says Smile You’re On Camera? You pull over? Yes, you pull over, go rogue stye if you will for the good of the blog. In other news, another day and another case of two unhappy little boys. We keep telling them that they get to go to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin out…’cause you know that is what every little pup wants to do. PICK a darn pumpkin out! But we had another meeting that kept us from it again, yet we swear come rain or shine we are getting those boys to the pumpkin patch!

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On Board


Jumping for Disney World! 5 days!


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There’s color everywhere


What? You don’t wear a floral skirt when you take your dogs out? Well, I did today. In truth, we were going to take the boys to the pumpkin patch before dusk, BUT it was extremely cloudy and windy. So, we are putting it off until Wednesday. They are beyond ready…it’s Emory’s 3rd trip and Mister Clio’s 1st. Needless to say, nothing gets Bo and I more into the autumn and holiday season spirit more than cute puppies in a pumpkin patch all dressed in sweaters. Yes, even Bo endorses the sweaters.

In other life news, we have a meeting about a house tomorrow, so crosses fingers on that. We need a house that we choose on our terms and two bathrooms would be nice? Life is moving fast, and so we head into another week with much to do and I have a trip to pack for!

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What’s This


So, I’ve been watching so much of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, halfway because it’s Halloween time and halfway because my mom and I are going to Disney World to meet Jack and Sally. And that’s pretty exciting! But besides watching movies, it’s been all about my parents and family and puppies, and more eating of food. And did I mention family? It was a whirlwind of seeing an Elvis impersonator, during a cousin’s birthday party, and more silliness than I can remember.

We adore it when my parents come into town…but the cost of that is that we also clean and clean…and we get exhausted by the time Sunday evening came around. So, we took a bike ride…we rode and rode until my battery ran out. Well, next week, I might say differently at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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Itsee Trading Co.


We want to introduce you to another one of our favorite local businesses that has great product and a healthy dose of kindness in they way they operate and treat each and every one of their customers: Itsee Trading Co!

We have been frequenting this great resale and vintage shop, located in the burgeoning Near Southside neighborhood in west Fort Worth, for some time now and we love who they are and what they are all about. We recently stopped by and spent some time with Heather at the store, took some pictures and met Mr. the cat! Here is a little Q&A we did with her to let you get to know them and the store a little better.

Itsee Trading Co. is located at 1617 Park Place Ave, Fort Worth TX 76110

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What is your history with fashion?
I was originally going to school for something else but I fell in to a great job as a buyer for a boutique in Houston and loved it! I knew then that somewhere in fashion is where I would end up. But I never had the extra dough to get the quality of clothing I wanted outside of the shop I worked. That’s why I love resale so much. I can find the quality and designers I’m looking for and stay within my budget. I also love the idea of giving great clothing a second life.
What do you want customers to feel when they walk through the door?
 I am the worst merchandiser in the world so I try to make the shop feel like home. Or a closet maybe- a somewhat organized mess. I want everyone that walks in to be able to easily find what they are looking for plus hopefully a few things that they didn’t realize they were looking for. I hope they walk in and feel that excitement about the resale hunt but won’t be overwhelmed like at some other resale shops. We try to make Itsee a relaxed atmosphere where shoppers can browse or let us know when they need help finding something in particular.  It’s great being able to chat with our regulars and Mr. is an excellent ice breaker with new customers.
Do you think more can be done collectively to promote a sense of community among sellers and customers in DFW?
I love that our area (The Near Southside) has so many community events that we can participate in that allows us to meet people that may not have come through our doors otherwise. Next month we will be on Magnolia for Open Streets selling clothes and we will have a trunk full of dress up clothes for kids to play with.
What pieces are most special to you and what are you most excited about currently in your store?
I get super attached to a lot of the clothes that come in. It’s hard to choose any favorites! But I do have a special place in my heart for anything vintage with sequins or fur. And it’s so cool, and sometimes surprising, to see who chooses what when they’re shopping in our store. Nothing makes me happier than when someone decides to take one of our pieces home!
Again, a big thank you to Heather and Itsee Trading Co. for letting us come and profile their wonderful shop. They buy and sell amazing clothes for all types of women and definitely are one of our regualar stops! Stop by and check them and tell them Heather and Bo from Lost In Drawers Vintage sent you!

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The National


So, it finally came, we finally were privileged to see The National live. This band was very much a part of our dating life and has stayed with us as an integral part of the soundtrack to our married life. We have been wanting to see them live ever since we met in 2008, and 5 – count them, FIVE – years later we saw them in Dallas at the former Palladium, now Southside Ballroom. So, yes we got dressed up and nails were shellaced with a gel coat and soon enough we were there as Tame Impala from Perth, Australia opened. Yes, we aren’t 19 and 24 anymore, so crowds and beer on our shoes isn’t quite as desirable these days. But, soon enough The National were onstage and they hit songs from 4 of their records, including all of our personal favorites. They sounded incredible and Matt, might be the most intense front man to ever sing in a deep baritone voice. It was wonderful, and silly and sometimes stretched out – but lovely all the same. Some bands are worth leaving the nest to see.


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“Be obscure clearly.”

4Don’t you love an E.B. White quote? I sure do. E.B. White – “Be obscure clearly! Be wild of tongue in a way we can understand.”

Is it time for Thanksgiving yet? It will be a new thanksgiving experience this year. We will be traveling to Arkansas to be with Bo’s side of the family for the first time. I’m hoping to eat and eat and many pies and see many a-changing leaves. But before Thanksgiving, we had a special concert this weekend! We had the privilege of seeing The National in Dallas. Seeing as this was the soundtrack to be and Bo’s courting, engagement and marriage. it’s pretty darn special. We were and are beside ourselves. More on that later!

Okay, we talk about the weather enough here on this blog, but I am deciding to dress for the month, or the time of year regardless of temperature. You hear that, Texas? So. I may get strange looks when it’s 80 degrees out and I’m wearing pleather and a beanie…but that’s the way it’s gotta be!

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It is a newly released hybrid brand apple that debuted in 2009. It is a pinkish apple consisting of a yellow background that is intermittent with red coloration. The surface of the apple has several distinguishing visual characteristics, with freckle-like white lenticels.

So we tried an expensive apple today…the SweeTango apple…not Sweet Tango apple. I have to get that right. It is quite delicious, and tart but sweet and has a hint of spice at the end. The boys loved it. And why wouldn’t they love an almost $2 apple?  I ask you?


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