Oh Yeah

by lostindrawers


Well, some Wednesdays come up pretty close to perfect. I slipped in a late lunch at my favorite, Tokyo Cafe for an amazing Bento box that had amazing flavors. Hunted for treats, preferably Japanese. And! I was surprised by a package in the mail from my good friend Angela! So amazing to have friends like these. It’s been a full day, and some certain little Pekingese won’t leave my side. I think our house feels to coming of fall – and I’m ready for fall clothes! I am real into plaid these days, and am on the autumn hunt for plaid, plaid, plaid! But all this in a day and Bo came home with a sprained ankle, so the day became night and I have been babying him (he tries to act like he is tough, but he loves the attention), made some cookies, and finally sat down. Needless to say I am ready for the weekend, and the japanese street fair in Dallas, and who knows – maybe the State Fair?!

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