Sprinkle it With Dew

by lostindrawers

10109521924_349af6dea3Well, this weekend has been a busy one folks, and luckily it always seems to be on a week when Bo has every other Friday off. We seem to try and pack in a lot…taking full advantage, ya know? It’s full steam ahead for a day or so and then rest for the remainder of the weekend. This particular weekend we did quite a lot when one looks back on it! I finished up preparing for my upcoming Disney trip with my mother, we found an AMAZING Japanese shop in Plano called Shop Minoya that had so many amazing treats and cool things to peruse! I went a little wild in there…but all in all, it was a lot of great things for super great prices! We also have been desperate for a taste of our beloved NOLA, and we found a great po’boy shop in Plano (and soon to be in Dallas), Wicked Po’Boys! So good, and yes – beignets! More fun shopping, and soon enough we decided to spring for something we both have been wanting for a while: new tattoos! I got a new one for my mom, with two branches – one stronger to represent her and my own for my growth under her care as my mom. I love it – thanks to Ryan Derby at Royal 1 Tattoo for working with me. And so Bo didn’t feel left out, he got a coordinating tattoo of a laurel banner (symbolizing unity – his words) in his preferred traditional style. It was a cool, fun night! And today was just a complete day of soaking in REAL Autumn weather. It never got above 65 degrees. Perfect. And here is to a true Sunday day of rest and reflection.

And, finally, it’s nice to know that I can make particularly stupid ugly face and my husband still loves me …well, all is right with the world!