by lostindrawers


I’m bringing out my fall florals! Don’t you just love fall florals? Seriously though, it’s a little chilly and perfect for a light jacket yet you feel like you can stay outside all day. Well, at least I do…I would want to. But honestly who actually stays outside all day? Even just taking these puppy boys on a trip to Half Price Books is enough work…well, not work but you know. Enough of something to make you want a perfect little nap.

Speaking of Half Price Books, this last trip over the weekend someone called Emory fat and proceeded to assume Clio had a major eye infection and how it looked horrible. Bo was a little upset and maybe had to walk away. Well, turn away is more like it. Let’s remember, people: kindness wins with pups too! Pups are a part of the Creation too!

We are off to Vintage Tex, located in the mid-cities, tomorrow to get to know the store a little more and have a grand ole time!

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