The National

by lostindrawers


So, it finally came, we finally were privileged to see The National live. This band was very much a part of our dating life and has stayed with us as an integral part of the soundtrack to our married life. We have been wanting to see them live ever since we met in 2008, and 5 – count them, FIVE – years later we saw them in Dallas at the former Palladium, now Southside Ballroom. So, yes we got dressed up and nails were shellaced with a gel coat and soon enough we were there as Tame Impala from Perth, Australia opened. Yes, we aren’t 19 and 24 anymore, so crowds and beer on our shoes isn’t quite as desirable these days. But, soon enough The National were onstage and they hit songs from 4 of their records, including all of our personal favorites. They sounded incredible and Matt, might be the most intense front man to ever sing in a deep baritone voice. It was wonderful, and silly and sometimes stretched out – but lovely all the same. Some bands are worth leaving the nest to see.


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