There’s color everywhere

by lostindrawers


What? You don’t wear a floral skirt when you take your dogs out? Well, I did today. In truth, we were going to take the boys to the pumpkin patch before dusk, BUT it was extremely cloudy and windy. So, we are putting it off until Wednesday. They are beyond ready…it’s Emory’s 3rd trip and Mister Clio’s 1st. Needless to say, nothing gets Bo and I more into the autumn and holiday season spirit more than cute puppies in a pumpkin patch all dressed in sweaters. Yes, even Bo endorses the sweaters.

In other life news, we have a meeting about a house tomorrow, so crosses fingers on that. We need a house that we choose on our terms and two bathrooms would be nice? Life is moving fast, and so we head into another week with much to do and I have a trip to pack for!

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