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Day Date


It seems like we were stuck in our house for a good long year after Clio had his neuter surgery. But luckily my baby brother came to stay with us for a week, along with my childhood puppy-turned-ladybird Bailey. So, it was an overly full house but a blessing to be with a little slice of family. But Clio is a fast healer and so we decided we needed a day out! We hit up the Crow Collection of Asian Art and the DMA in Dallas and generally had a relaxing day. But not to rest on our laurels, we are also planning for a vacation because for the first time in a long time we haven’t traveled for a good 8 months. And that will not stand!

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She’s Kind of a Big Deal

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Mothers Day 2013! It was the best one by far! No stress, plenty of mama time, and yes – family time, a lot of really delicious food and the best of the best…laying in a warm bed with my mom watching Hocus Pocus yet again all while while eating nachos. I’m mean, it doesn’t get better than that. It’s the simplest things that can feel the absolute best. And while we are at it, nothing says mothers day for us like a giant bolt art piece. This is the 2nd year we have taken Mothers Day pictures by that sculpture, and it just keeps getting cheesier and cheesier! Only in the best way possible of course.

Though I’m not even a “mama, mama” but just a puppy mama…my amazing mom brought me back Minnie Mouse ears from DisneyWorld and a new Lost In Drawers vintage business card holder! She’s a dear and a half.

We, of course also celebrated Mothers Day with Bo’s mom, Sherry and and his family. And had the best brunch of our entire life. Bottom line, we love our mamas, we love our family and we are blessed in more ways than we can count.

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Sometimes when it gets late at night and I’m not on Pinterest, I’m on Google, googling things to do in DFW. If you know us, we LOVE a day trip; give us a museum, and add a garden and anything sculpture related. The other thing we try to keep in mind is all things on a budget. Today’s adventure had all of them . I just happened upon the Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden, online and I knew I had to visit as soon as possible.

On a very hot Saturday, we headed to north Dallas to find this amazing gallery tucked into an old Dallas neighborhood. We met Mrs. Cheryl Vogel, curator, who was amazingly kind and gracious enough to show us around the wonderful exhibit RESPECT. Hearing the stories behind the art is always intriguing, and then we got to walk the sculpture garden (where we were allowed to take some photographs, we always ask permission!) that winds around the private residence in the middle of the grounds, all of which was gratefully shaded and filled with beautiful and moving works. It really is a hidden gem of the DFW art scene and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon finding inspiration around every corner. There is no admission and they are incredibly friendly, You MUST go and check out Valley House Gallery!

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden was selected as “Readers’ Pick” for Best Gallery in 2012 by the Readers of D Magazine!

Lula Issue 14

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Main Street Arts Fest

In the last few years, we have really wanted to attend Fort Worth’s Main St. Arts Festival, but it seemed that we always had other obligations. Bo had been telling me about it for years, and so this Sunday felt like the right time to slip in to the crowds in the afternoon and check out all the art, food and music. I was proud to see our fellow Fort Worthians out in force, as it gave me the chance to engage in some prime people watching, Bo & I’s favorite random activity. We really do love this city, and despite the wind, there is NOT a better way to spend a Sunday than walking downtown. So we braved the wind gusts, but without our Sunday downtown walking partner, Emory Holden, as the city ordinance for the festival prevented him from being around Main Street.

So, festival concluded, we rushed to pick the little guy up for a car ride, Curly’s hot dogs, strawberry custard with sprinkles and more of our sodas picked up in Arcadia at Pop’s. But despite our best efforts, a couple days later, Emory was still not satisfied…and took his anger out on an entire roll of toilet paper.  And so the week began for our little Fort Worth family of three.

Great Walls

One might not think about walls when describing the charms of any certain city. But here in our hometown of Fort Worth, we have found that one of the better ways to learn about the soul of our city is through its walls.  From architectural details, to weathered bricks, to the many murals painted and plastered from city limit to city limit, you can learn about the town and the heart of the people that make Fort Worth our chosen home. It’s obvious we have a soft spot for odd and weirdly lovable walls, as many have shown up here on Lost In Drawers. (These wonderful murals were found on our way home from our BBQ dinner date. We noticed them right away and quickly u-turned to go explore them.  Found at the Ties to the Past Antiques and Eclectics, which we have yet to go in to, so cant wait to see what’s inside because of how neat these are.)

Next time, look around…the best parts of Fort Worth are painted and standing all around.

Carry a Blindfolded Man Through the Trees

One of the greatest things in in life just might be the chance to introduce a child to a new place and/or thing. We have always tried to put family first, and when the opportunity came around to introduce our niece and nephew to The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (FREE on the First Sunday of the month)! It was so amazing to watch their eyes light up and see them rush from piece to piece, always with auntie and uncle nearby to help them avoid the nosy gaze of the museum docents. It was a great day, with perfect weather…and we got to finally see the silver trees up close! The kids loved it, and we had as much fun returning the few eye rolls thrown our way as we took a ton of pictures. It’s important to remember times like this, and to document it all, because there is something to be said for making memories that give you the strength to make it through the tough times.

The Dallas Arts District-Spring Break Block Party 2012

We were really excited when we found out that our family coming into town coincided with the Dallas Arts District Spring Break Block Party! Expanding on what we had previously experienced with the Dallas Museum of Art’s Late Nights at the DMA events (we had a wonderful time sometime back at the Alice in Wonderland event and the next one is a Roaring Twenties theme April 20th! ) that incorporate wonderful themes into the art displayed from the collections. This year the block party took it to a new level, with the Crow Collection of Asian Art having a photography centered event that fused photography related events with Japanese experiences, as well as a great photo booth on the street for people to document their night.  Along with beverage tastings, there was an impromptu food truck park and street fair activities. The DMA had a Where The Wild Things Are theme, and who doesn’t want to meet Carol and don a crown like Max?! It was so much fun to take our family to a museum that we love and the night was beautiful – we couldn’t have asked for much more. Here is to the changing of the seasons – spring time is here!

P.S. I think it is time to get out Canon back into our hands!

Historic Hands at Baylor Medical

One of the keys to living in the city without resorting to the same activities over and over again is to keep an eye out for those rarities about town, things and activities that exist in environments that you wouldn’t expect give days out and about a special sense of adventure. Heather is quite good at finding these things. And such is the case with the Adrian E. Flatt M.D. Hand Collection, which is on display at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas in the lobby of the George W. Truett Memorial Hospital. What is even better is that the display is open 24/7 and free to the public. Heather found it out by the way of the inclusion of (her favorite) the great Walt Disney in the collection. We recently checked out the collection and along with Walt, was a pretty diverse selection of bronze hand casts from many celebrities, politicians, writers, artists, as well as many influential fellow surgeons of Dr. Flatt who began the collection. The diversity and expression in the detail of the hands was truly cool, creepy but cool and something worth checking out.

And no trip to Dallas would be truly complete without a quick trip to Good Records, where we picked up a long overdue copy of a favorite record by Margo & The Nuclear So & So’s. But all good trips must come to a close, especially when we have a little puppy to take care of and spoil considering his recent trip to the veterinarian where they had to do blood tests and come home with quite the bandage. But vet visits aside, Emory is doing well and considering all the boxes and moving chaos around the house, it is obvious our entire household is ready to be out of this space and into a new home.

Sunday Kind of Love

Last weekend as Valentine’s Day loomed on the horizon, we took to the roads to hopefully discover something new to inspire us.  So, who knew that in a sleepy corner of Uptown Dallas near the Katy Trail in a law office building would be one of the coolest art galleries we have ever been too. The Geometric & MADI Art Museum features an endless number of walls full of geometric and MADI styles of abstract modern art. Geometric art maintains the integrity of the frame, while MADI breaks all the rules of form and convention.

Not only is the museum free, but we were treated to a extraordinary tour by owner and executive director Dorothy Masterson, who along with her husband who owns the law firm that owns the building created and curate the museum.  We highly recommend going on a Sunday as the museum was practically ours alone. The styles are both limited (to two loose categories) and unlimited (using all types of colors and mediums). The art was truly international in scope and full of life.  We had a great day exploring every corner of the place, and our eyes really couldn’t take it all in. It was a perfect afternoon doing something we love, finding more reasons to love the region we call home.