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Throwback Thursday

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It’s Thursday and we are throwing back from a few “old” photos..we read books, we baked, we played, we worked, we wore clothes aplenty and were featured on a pretty legit blog, Messages On A Napkin.

This is what is going on in our neck of the woods. And now it’s off to search Pinterest for inspiration and searching for kawaii food photos! Here’s to the unknown and wide open weekend!

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Smattering of Here & There


We’ve been super busy over here. And loving every.minute.of it!

P.S. Cinnamon Sugar Popovers, are a must. Give them a try if you are up for deliciousness.

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Now, I know what you are thinking. First with the pies, and now with the cakes. But hear me out! For Christmas, my really gracious and lovely grandmother gifted me with this incredibly nice bundt pan. And when you receive such a pan, you gotta make some bundts right? As it turns out, bundt cakes are sooo easy. Don’t get me wrong, my first recipe was a complete disaster. I added or didn’t add something or another. And it was awful-ish? The icing situation is also tricky. Do you frost it like a cake? Do you drizzle icing? A lot of googling was going on those first few days. But I have to remind myself, not everything has to be cookbook and/or blog beautiful. You live and you learn each and every time.

But since that first recipe, I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’ve learned that a dash of pure vanilla extract can be your best friend. Bundt cakes are MOIST! And I like that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the hardest thing in the kitchen to make. But from a gal that wouldn’t step foot in a kitchen from I was younger up into my adulthood. (Not without my dear mother trying her hardest, because she is an amazing, amazing cook and baker) I truly loathed the kitchen. Bo is the cook in our family. Partly because I never “learned” besides what? A grilled cheese? But baking does give you a sense of confidence. And I am all about confidence in this new year. On a side note, the best thing about baking here and there is the chance to give it away. Bo and I don’t eat everything. We so would if we could? But we need to have a little control in the new year.

Bundt, bundt, bundt! Have I said that enough?!

Cake is good, bundt is good, Always eat cake!



Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins


Good grief Charlie Brown, this weather is incredibly annoying; and as Sally Brown once famously said “All I want is what I…I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.” Seriously. We really have tried to get into the holiday spirit these past few weeks. We were first “burned” when we went our with our friend Katie, and our favorite house in Fort Worth was not done up to the prior expectations we had for it. We have gone to this house every year we have been together, and it has always been magical and spectacular. This year…it was not. And when we went downtown the next day to see the Christmas tree? It felt like a May afternoon and it was dark out, and it was a bummer. Everyone’s energy wasn’t up to what one might expect for the Holiday season.

And so tonight, we went to the Gaylord Texan to see the Christmas decorations since we will be in Florida for Christmas Day..and we have to admit, we were not impressed. So what to do when struggling to get into the spirit of the season? We decided to come home and make Christmas treats. (Even though it looks as though children decorated them, that was all us!) The song, that I am sure gets stuck in everyone’s head, “Where Are You Christmas?” keeps playing in my head. But really no weather and lack of decor around town can bring us down, right?

But again this year, Bo and I must remind ourselves what Christmas is about…kindness and giving, and allowing love to win out over everything else. Texas and it’s bizarre weather, Christmas lights, being in a foul mood isn’t a big deal. But what is Christmas about truly? The story of Jesus is not just what we know from Sunday school from days long gone, but a story about years of struggle and the best laid plans gone awry in the hands of humankind.  Then Jesus came, and the two options for life where opened up to a third option. Freedom in the face of a dark world, a freedom that is mostly realistic, often mysterious and always finding a little piece of hope in the midst of stress.

P.S. My Christmas gift came in the mail, and very early. All thanks to Bo and his generosity. I hadn’t had a legit camera in a very long, long, long, long, long time…it was time to upgrade. Now I’m obviously not a photographer in the least, evident by my iPhone photos posted above. But this will be very fun to learn how to use. Merry Christmas all around!


It’s Here

Cold Weather, that is. It is quite chilly these past few days for Texas standards. Though more than likely, it could change very soon. Is that enough weather talk? Goodness gracious, who and how old am I? Anywho, so the cold weather brings out fall outings and the best of spirits in our house. Our Frankenweenie viewing was SO SO GOOD, being interpreted we teared up many times and wanted to leave the theater asap and go hug Emory and never let him go. Our hunts yielding the best cream colored pumpkins in Fort Worth, and the search for the ever elusive pink pumpkins. I also picked up a really good book at B&N that I am getting through with speed and highly recommend.

But most of all, we got to send out some lovely packages (the 2nd time one has gone to Australia) far and wide from Lost In Drawers Vintage, and in turn scored majorly at our favorite Thrift Town! Emory is slowly getting into the autumn spirit and decided to try out his Halloween costume. It’s been joyous, so let’s just say our Elton John albums have been spinning a lot more lately.

And being that it’s Sunday, it was suddenly make-a-pie night. I had been eying a certain cheesecake pie recipe for awhile, and so while our homemade chili was being hovered over by Bo, I decided to whip up the aforementioned pie. And while I was at it, this particular pie needed a friend so I added a pie on the side for Bo’s work. a dark chocolate silk pie. And it was a success all around.

Magic is Coming

Well, hello there October, you came super fast, and yet you took your time. But you are here, which means only a few more weeks until the start of the holiday season. With that in mind, Bo and I have made a pact to NOT, and I repeat above all, NOT get stressed out. Why do the holidays always bring that on? It’s a weird mix of happiness, nostalgia and drama for so many people, especially us. What is the answer? We have determined to try and be even more giving, to not be pressured into things we don’t want to do, to keep healthy boundaries around family members, and again…to give, give, give.

Speaking of families, my parents came into town and we enjoyed having them to the fullest. Though we just were with them on vacation a couple of weeks ago, it’s so nice to have that closeness that feels comfortable. We need them closer, as it’s necessary to have family around. They always treat us incredibly well, and come on, who doesn’t want brunch the whole weekend?

Speaking of comfort, ABC Family decided to air both Lady and the Tramp as well as the original Disney’s Alice in Wonderland! Of course, I have both on DVD and VHS, but something about them being on television makes me very happy. But the giddiness I feel? That could just be from Texas actually having a bit of a fall weather snap. Which calls for lots of naps and cuddle time with a little puppy boy that wanted nothing to do with us.

And to end this great Sunday, I finally decided to tackle a chocolate pie recipe my mémé gave me. It’s fairly easy, but was I ready to tackle a recipe so highly regarded by my grandmother. It had a “hunk of butter” in the ingredients list, and well, anything with a hunk I will give it a go. I did it though, but with a store bought pie crust,. I’ve hand made two other pie crusts, and I seem to get them a little thick. So, I thawed it out and stuck it in the oven. And it was simple, and delicious. Today we were going to try Emporium Pies in Oak Cliff, but decided to save it for another day. Because nothing beats a grandmother’s pie recipe, But it is for sure at the top of our list for sure. And because it’s Sunday, Once Upon a Time is BACK! I’ve been waiting and waiting, and I might be mildly obsessed. Thankfully, tonight’s season premier episode did not disappoint. It’s going to be a magical season for sure.

Chocolate Pie

5 T. Cocoa
5 T. Corn Startch
1 C. Sugar
2 C. Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla
Hunk of Butter
Add cocoa, corn starch and sugar. Mix together. Add milk and eggs. Bring to a boil ,until thicken. Then add vanilla and butter. Pour in baked shell. Cool. (We added Ghirardelli chocolate shavings on top!)

Cherry Pies are Good in July

I’m not going to lie, I was a little overconfident with my very first from scratch pie, so it was a new experience in that I had to go through 3 different pie crusts for this cherry pie Bo asked me to make. I was a little frustrated. I tried the pie crust from a box mix, then decided to just go ahead and try another from scratch pie crust. After several frustrating results and multiple calls to my mother, her confidence in me boosted my morale.

I knew it was something that would mean a lot to Bo, because as a kid, his favorite thing to eat at his grandparents house was cherry pie, or if a pie wasn’t readily available, cherry pie filling. So, I pressed on and the third time was really the charm. The crust was rolled and stretched and latticed (a new skill that seems to take more than two hands) and the perfectly imperfect pie for a July summer evening was baking in our little oven. And from Bo’s reaction to his first slice and the (too obvious) sneaks to the kitchen for additional forkfuls…our house has another pie to add to the rotation. So, the lesson?

As my mother ALWAYS says, if at first you don’t succeed…try and try and try and try and try and try AND try again!

Peach Cobbler Pie

You may ask…what’s the deal with all the pie talk? Simply put I’m a bit obsessed with pie. First, some back story. Ever since I was young, I hated the kitchen (my mother is a beyond wonderful baker, but she just couldn’t convince to get myself in the kitchen). My family would poke fun at me about not even wanting to get corn dogs out of the oven. A corny joke still going on in our family today.

I’ve since grown to love our kitchen, as evident by the fact that I’m not afraid of the oven. This weekend my family came to visit for the 4th of July, and my mom, out of nowhere , brought me a present. As I reached in the bag, my heart skipped a happy beat. It was an entire pie making kit that she put together for me. I mean…what a mother. She is so giving and incredibly lovely. She knows that I’m much more into baking than actual “cooking.” Receiving this gift led me to look for days for a simple but perfect recipe featuring ingredients we had in our kitchen. Everything worked out, even the from scratch pie dough except for the lattice work…I guess you can’t win them all. And Emory watched over the whole scene as I made a mess with dough and flour flying. This is the first from scratch pie, let alone anything I’ve ever made from scratch. So, when it turned out great, let’s just day that I’m pretty pumped. What is better than flaky buttery pie crust, sweet peaches and Blue Bell ice cream? Nothing I tell ya! Today is definitely a good, no, a great day.

And please excuse the temporary table, as with moving and all, we still have things in boxes and have yet to get our kitchen a proper island! Hear that Bo, a proper island!


There are certain things in life that are simply true. Lately, we have been going through quite a few difficult things and life can feel overwhelming. What is true is that when we are struggling, for us the best thing to do is to give. And it’s not like we are preaching to anyone other than ourselves, but its true for us that we feel at our best when giving. It is something that Heather has brought to our life, something we are cultivating, and hope will be something we pass on to future generations in our family. So, with that in mind, Heather decided that the best way to show some love is to make Strawberry Cream pies for people in our life that have impacted us in a special way. And the combination of the de-stressing tool of making the pies and the joy of delivering them has already made our week. And honestly, it really feels better to give. I think its started a trend in our house, to bake and to make and to give.


Away We Go

You know it’s going to be quite the Sunday when you wake up to a certain Pomeranian staring at you while perched atop his papa aka your husband. What a sight to see. Sundays when my parents are in town are always a great thing and yet it always includes a goodbye.  But it does mean a day off to score some amazing vintage dresses that will be hemmed up so that we can find them a good home. It also meant spending some time at my parent’s hotel meant a chance to wear my new trench coat and take a stroll along the canal.  It’s the simple things, folks. Speaking of simple pleasures, we ended the day with a patch of strawberry cream pies to give away! We have much to be grateful for, all of which this Sunday reminded us to be thankful and always giving.