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Our Very Own Merry Christmas

Where Are You Christmas?

Man, have we found Christmas. We decided to make this Monday a little Christmas date, well kind of, with a little puppy in tow of course. And we can not lie…he loved every minute of the lights. As soon as we pulled up to the first house which is never topped every year we visit it, his little head popped up and he jumped to rest his paws on the windowsill and his head was on a swivel. And what better way to complement the lights than wassail and Christmas music on the stereo. We headed downtown and took in the tree and were blessed with an opportunity to give.  It really has been a night to be grateful and to release a stressful day.  And so, why not? We made some, let’s call them avant garde, sugar cookies with plenty of icing.  And more wassail, there is always more room for that.

Heather and Bo

P.S. I tried the Sock Bun tutorial..or should I say Bo helped me quite a bit. It was super easy and it stayed all day! Thank you Pinterest! AND we sincerely apologize for the iphone pictures..It seems to be glued to my hand?

Log Cabin Village-Fort Worth, Texas

If you have read our blog for any amount of time, you would know how much we looooove all things old, retro, vintage and antique. This isn’t our first time to explore the historic Log Cabin Village here in Fort Worth. Every time we go back to some place we enjoyed before, we tend to discover so much more than before. Today it was all about an encounter with one of the reenactors which was unique because we got some insie and hands on demonstrations about textiles and construction of garments on the wild west pioneer. It was so cool to learn more about how different but how genius people were back then.

Then it was onto Operation Cookie Time.  We bagged, tagged and delivered many sets of cookies and almost met our goal…tomorrow we will wrap things up and begin planning our next adventure into spreading kindness across DFW.  It is a great thing to give.  You can’t ask for much more to begin to a new week.

Happy October!

It’s officially Autumn and while Texas may have not caught up yet, it is Fall weather to us!  We will accept nothing else.  So it’s time for boots, tights and sweaters.  At least the evenings are doing their sweet little best to cooperate and be nice and cool.  So the wardrobes of the Liles are a-changing. Not soon enough.

Today has been a good day.  Bo was up early, and with the help of a certain Ryan Pfaffengut, transport our new (to us) antique turquoise-blue table which is one more step in our no-brown movement.  Color is our friend.  The day was beautiful, a few errands and exchanges made, resulting in a few wardrobe additions all led to a homemade Italian dinner and to the project of the night.  What was that project?

Cookies!  We just finished a night of baking about 5 dozen cookies for for you and you!  Sometimes there is nothing better than giving away things that are delicious and luxurious.  So the baking is done the bagging has commenced and delivery is being planned.  The weekend is progressing and look for us out on delivery about town!


Heather & Bo

P.S. We apologize for the iphone pictures, our Canon is on the fritz and will becoming back to us shortly!

Outfit Description: Striped Shirt-Forever 21, Vintage Dress-Goodwill, Knee Highs-Target, Vintage Boots-Buffalo Exchange