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Going Ons



Its April, April already! Can you imagine? April 1st was Clio’s first birthday, or  as its known around here: the day we celebrate our April Fools Baby. But really, he is no fool! He has stolen our hearts just as his brother Emory continues to do every day. We are so so so blessed to have these little puppy boys in our lives. So, of course we had to have a little party for his special day! Balloons, party hats and most of all, a puppy Sprinkles cupcake for the birthday boy. And being that he is a little tyke – soon enough he was passed out taking a nap. It’s been a special year, and here’s a lifetime of memories to be made with a certain tuxedo’d Pekingese.

And so, we being our spring with birthdays and despite some random cold days, it’s lovely to be on the other side of winter. It’s time for sunglasses, road trips, New Orleans, bicycles and lots of lots of sunshine.


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What’s This


So, I’ve been watching so much of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, halfway because it’s Halloween time and halfway because my mom and I are going to Disney World to meet Jack and Sally. And that’s pretty exciting! But besides watching movies, it’s been all about my parents and family and puppies, and more eating of food. And did I mention family? It was a whirlwind of seeing an Elvis impersonator, during a cousin’s birthday party, and more silliness than I can remember.

We adore it when my parents come into town…but the cost of that is that we also clean and clean…and we get exhausted by the time Sunday evening came around. So, we took a bike ride…we rode and rode until my battery ran out. Well, next week, I might say differently at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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Alvin, Simon, Theodore


No, but seriously, that’s the first thing my mom can think to say to me when she saw me in this outfit? Well, I’ll take it! Who doesn’t love the Chipmunks? Speaking of the Chipmunks, is it Christmas time yet? Our household is overdue for some Christmas music.

But on to more important matters. Yes, I’m still loving this new bike of mine. Enough to ride it to our neighborhood middle school, and had so much fun riding around their playground while we shot a few iPad photos. People looked, children played basketball, so it was an all around awkward, yet still fun afternoon. But hey – that “A” sweater needed its one shining moment. And while we are on fashion – we ladies need more bicycle assessable outfits, more skorts, better shoes, fabrics friendly for longer rides about town and real clothes rather than spandex and sneakers.


eZip Trailz Electric Bike

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My birthday present came in!! I have been wanting an electric bike for 4 years! My wonderful mother Nancy and father Michael surprised me by ordering me this wonderful bicycle. It’s not a scooter, but a 7 speed bicycle with an electric assist that can be controlled by pedal assist or throttle control. I love it. I really love it. Like…a lot.

It has extended our rides, and made it possible for me to get around our area of town easily and really has made these evening fun in spite of the warmer weather! And I think Bo loves it too, because he has already thought of a hundred ways to customize it for me! I’m inclined to let him? I love love love my bikes and our living room bears witness with three bikes tucked into corners ready to ride. Absolutely one of the best birthday presents I have ever gotten!

Smattering of Here and There

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It’s been a full month, a very full and up and down month. From doctors’ visits, to traveling a bit and unpacking yet our house still has boxes? Are they multiplying? Many a fort could be built from the boxes we have accumulated. Getting settled into a new place and a new phase of life is never easy. Learning how to sleep in a new space to readjusting to having only bathroom with one sink, our life is never dull nor boring. Many a challenge to face and overcome. Currently, we are getting ready for Mothers’ Day. Our moms mean the world to us and we do take the time to try and honor them as best we can! (I’m not a mother yet, but maybe I can talk Emory into getting me a new iphone…eh…eh??)

And you know what makes for an amazing month? Amazing Lost in Drawers loves…special thank you cards received and best of all, beautiful ladies who look out of this world in our dresses. Our studio is set up, new dresses are up in the store and we have so much more on the horizon!

Super 8-NOLA

NOLA 2013 from Lost In Drawers on Vimeo.

It was hopping, It was Leaping

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Like Refinery 29 said so perfectly, and first:

There’s nothing hotter than a smart, sassy local lady two-wheeling around town. And, of course, the wisest of those ladies knows that it’s essential to wear a bicycle helmet…

And it’s true. If you cycle, you need a helmet. They are hilarious looking, and can be quite dorky feeling to wear. But safety first, yes? But enough about that as we aren’t the police, we just want people to be safe.

Today was a mighty good day, people. We had sunshine, BBQ, visited Doc’s Records for National Record Store Day, and best of all, hung out with our bestest of friends Katie for a belated birthday get-together. We do love her, she is a friend that just gets “it”. The world is a better place because she is in it. And she is the funniest of the all funny people because she knows how to be herself. Those are the people who make a day like today one to remember.

Yo, Wear a Helmet





Finally. After searching high and low for helmets for me and Bo, we finally find some that we don’t hate and that don’t have horrible visors or pointy backs. We found them shortly after our ride today, so obviously they aren’t in these pics. But, we are all for wearing and being safe with helmets in place. So, despite the cold, (what is up with Texas weather?) Emory and I bundled up and headed out with Bo to relearn this neighborhood. Emory needed the fresh air, as he has been acting a bit…crazy? Many rides will be needed, as our knees and thighs ARE not up to par. Much more exercise needs to be going on in our house as a general principal. We much needed exercise was needed after a batch of homemade gumbo and strawberry shortcake y’all! But really…here’s to summer rides and warmer weather!

Critical Cycles

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I’ve waited patiently for this little beauty of a dutch style bicycle to come to my door, checking the windows constantly every time the FedEx truck drove by our new little house. And she (yes, she) finally arrived today! I sold my not-that-old bike that I had customized to a very kind and chic girl a few weekends ago. So, it was time to finally find my own dutch style bicycle I have been dreaming of for a long while. I was fortunate to find it at Critical Cycles. And I love it! Love, love, love it! The dutch style of bicycle is really cool and practical, with a step through frame and upright position, which is a must for any of us who don’t ride clothed in too much spandex. We added Emory’s basket, and I am sure my husband will think of a thousand ways we can make this bike even more my style. Quite the pick-me-up that was much needed after this long week!

And nothing ends a post like a little Emory Holden action. We HAD to get these Mickey Mouse shirts at Petsmart, if we didn’t purchase them it would have been a crime against nature, I tellz ya!



Valentine’s Day came very early for us this year. My parents were incredibly kind and generous in that they surprised us with a brand spanking new iPad Mini. Something we quite needed to make our business even better! But as Apple products are so versatile, we know that it is not just for Lost in Drawers Vintage but also for recipes in the kitchen (I mean why not)! And being that a new recipe was to be tried, we found ourselves buying a new popover pan and trying these Blarney Castle cheese (similar to gouda) & Black Pepper popovers to go along with our soups that we have been making. I mean, who doesn’t love bread and cheese and butter and cheese again?

And we do have to say they turned out pretty great, crispy on the outside and soft chewy and cheesy on the inside.

Try popovers!

2 cups whole milk
4 large eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 ounces Gruyère cheese, cut into 16 small cubes, plus freshly grated cheese for garnish


1. Preheat the oven to 375˚ and position a rack in the bottom third. Place 2 muffin pans (or enough to make 16 popovers) in the oven to warm.

2. In a small saucepan, warm the milk over medium heat until it is hot (about 125˚) but not boiling. Remove from the heat. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs with the salt and black pepper until smooth. Slowly whisk in the warm milk. Add the flour and whisk until the batter is just combined. (It may be slightly lumpy.)

3. Remove the muffin pans from the oven. Spray the pans generously with nonstick cooking spray. Pour about 1/3 cup of the batter into each of 16 muffin cups. Set a cube of the cheese on top of the batter in each cup.

4. Bake the popovers until puffed and deep golden brown, about 40 minutes (do not open the door or they may collapse). Remove the popovers from the pans, sprinkle with the grated Gruyère and serve immediately.

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