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Itsee Trading Co.


We want to introduce you to another one of our favorite local businesses that has great product and a healthy dose of kindness in they way they operate and treat each and every one of their customers: Itsee Trading Co!

We have been frequenting this great resale and vintage shop, located in the burgeoning Near Southside neighborhood in west Fort Worth, for some time now and we love who they are and what they are all about. We recently stopped by and spent some time with Heather at the store, took some pictures and met Mr. the cat! Here is a little Q&A we did with her to let you get to know them and the store a little better.

Itsee Trading Co. is located at 1617 Park Place Ave, Fort Worth TX 76110

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What is your history with fashion?
I was originally going to school for something else but I fell in to a great job as a buyer for a boutique in Houston and loved it! I knew then that somewhere in fashion is where I would end up. But I never had the extra dough to get the quality of clothing I wanted outside of the shop I worked. That’s why I love resale so much. I can find the quality and designers I’m looking for and stay within my budget. I also love the idea of giving great clothing a second life.
What do you want customers to feel when they walk through the door?
 I am the worst merchandiser in the world so I try to make the shop feel like home. Or a closet maybe- a somewhat organized mess. I want everyone that walks in to be able to easily find what they are looking for plus hopefully a few things that they didn’t realize they were looking for. I hope they walk in and feel that excitement about the resale hunt but won’t be overwhelmed like at some other resale shops. We try to make Itsee a relaxed atmosphere where shoppers can browse or let us know when they need help finding something in particular.  It’s great being able to chat with our regulars and Mr. is an excellent ice breaker with new customers.
Do you think more can be done collectively to promote a sense of community among sellers and customers in DFW?
I love that our area (The Near Southside) has so many community events that we can participate in that allows us to meet people that may not have come through our doors otherwise. Next month we will be on Magnolia for Open Streets selling clothes and we will have a trunk full of dress up clothes for kids to play with.
What pieces are most special to you and what are you most excited about currently in your store?
I get super attached to a lot of the clothes that come in. It’s hard to choose any favorites! But I do have a special place in my heart for anything vintage with sequins or fur. And it’s so cool, and sometimes surprising, to see who chooses what when they’re shopping in our store. Nothing makes me happier than when someone decides to take one of our pieces home!
Again, a big thank you to Heather and Itsee Trading Co. for letting us come and profile their wonderful shop. They buy and sell amazing clothes for all types of women and definitely are one of our regualar stops! Stop by and check them and tell them Heather and Bo from Lost In Drawers Vintage sent you!

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Vintage Tex


Recently, we got the opportunity to meet remarkable owner Jen and the kindest KD from Vintage Tex, a vintage store located in nearby Colleyville Texas. It was really wonderful for them to let us take some photographs and do a little Q&A, as well as connect as fellow vintage sellers and enthusiasts! Enjoy getting to know Vintage Tex! 5005 Colleyville Boulevard, Suite 120 Colleyville, Texas 76034!

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What is your favorite era of clothing and design?

I’m obsessed with 80’s patterns. I also love the “new look” shape that came out in the 50s, with a fitted bodice and a very wide skirt. And it’s easy to combine these two styles: a lot of dresses and skirts made during the 80s have that 50s shape.

How do you perceive the vintage community among sellers/shops in DFW?

I think the vintage community is undeserved. As a trend, vintage is growing and there are very few vintage store, especially around Fort Worth. I also think that these few stores have chosen to focus on very high-end labels., truly antique clothes, more formal gowns and evening wear. In short, I think the biggest gap in the vintage community is in the daily wearable category. I think it’s very difficult for a customer who is new to vintage to find suitable, affordable things for everyday. And that’s been a huge motivator for us. From sizing every piece to a modern size, to the layout of the store, to how we train staff. It’s about ease of access for out customers.

What pieces are most special to you and what are you most excited about currently in your store?

That’s a hard question, because I’m excited by everything! If I get a couple of pieces from an estate sale over my lunch break, I rush back to the store to ogle them with my stylist, Leah. We’re enamored with the details, the construction, the age and the history.

I’d love to let people know about our fabulous shoe collection. They are easily the most overlooked items in the store. Beautiful Italian-made, leather-soled shoes. Fantastic makers like Bruno Magli and Salvatore Ferragamo. Even our nicest pair of shoes is rarely more than $40, so they’re a phenomenal value too!

What do you see on the horizon in the the coming months for Vintage Tex?

Honestly, it’s hard to think past next week. We’ve hit a bit of a growth spurt, and I suddenly realized over last weekend that we’re lacking in inventory! We’ve finally started to sell more than we’re acquiring! To give you an idea, we’ve gone from 650 Facebook likes last month to 950 today, and we’ve been open for two years.

In the next few months, I’d like to continue getting the word out.  We’re in a convenient, but weird, location. No one expects a vintage store in Colleyville.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Jen and KD from Vintage Tex for the warm welcome, the kindness and the wonderful clothes they have on hand for new and experienced vintage shoppers in the Colleyville area! GO check them out and let them know Heather & Bo from Lost In Drawers Vintage sent you!


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Messages on a Napkin


We sent a little Lost in Drawers care package to our friend Marlen, of Messages on a Napkin, which not only are we sponsors of but we are so thankful for all of her support and kindness towards our business/shop! Goodness goes a long way in our heart. And might we say, she looks pretty spectacular in this dress. AND she has her own vintage boutique on Etsy! Please go check it out…it’s all kinds of good:

As one that harbors a penchant for anything that looks like it could have possibly been stolen from the grandpa down the hall, this shop is my careful curation of the best elbow patches and Bill Cosby sweaters on this side of the Mississippi.

With a shop motto like that….we can definitely get behind Bear and Twine! Check out our her wonderful blog as well!


And So It Is


Well, my baby brother Connor graduated this weekend!! And it was lovely, and tear filled and so we have a post coming up with all that in it. But this post has nothing to do with all of that.  So, he did indeed graduate and there are pictures because my mom did say a million times…”Heather Nichole, there better be pictures!” So, yeah Mom, I took many pictures.

So, while everyone was scurrying about with graduation plans and celebrations, I was simply trying to keep out of the way.  What better way to do so than to take some pictures for myself. I thought, “hey I have a blog, and I do enjoy fashion, right?” So, here is an outfit post for the new week. Nothing new in particular, just stripes and a hat. ‘Cause when your hair is in the transition stage between not quite short but not long enough…you put a hat on it!

And, so it is…What I wore this one day over the weekend!


Jazz Shoes


Woot, Woot Goodwill!

This is my second pair of dance shoes in mint condition that I have found there. The first pair were tap shoes and being that I’m a dancer at heart….a DANCER! You get it, yes? Okay, and while we are at it…I am an even bigger thrifter at heart. Everything you see here is thrifted being that this is an outfit post after all. And I haven’t done an “outfit post” in a long while. So here it is…what I wore today, what I danced in today, what my husband laughed at me in today. And if I can make him laugh…it is all worth it. Other than putting on clothes in the morning, we are getting our house done little by little…we have only 4 or 5 boxes left in our living room! What a feat…considering before it was like 100…so there’s that. And to cap the day off, in this house we finally have a garden flower bed. And we are planting that little thing up. Stay tuned for that! Things are getting “crazy” over at the Liles house…real. real. crazy.


Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop Update


PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6It’s May! And we happily inform our dear Lost in Drawers readers that we have many a new frock back from our seamstress/tailor Linda! Pretty exciting and just in time for gorgeous spring weather…and we don’t even have everything up!

We have some more wonderful dresses to photograph and debut. All of which will be loads of fun for us. Almost every dress this time around has been altered or tailored in some way to give each item a modern fit and finish. We do hope you all like it very much. We work really hard to keep all of our items modern and current, yet still very unique and vintage and only in our shop!

Lost in Drawers Vintage


Lost in Drawers Featured on Too Thrifty Chicks

What an honor and great pleasure to have a Q&A with our stylish, creative, thrifty, adventure-seeking, authentic friends at Too Thrifty Chicks!

We want to thank them, cordially for their kindness and support with Lost in Drawers Vintage!


Too Thrifty Chicks

This blog is about our thrifting and fashion adventures, and the things we create.

We rummage through racks on racks on racks.

We like the thrill of the hunt and the victory of the find. We create art. We eschew trends because we create our own.

We are privileged to thrift and create things with our hands because we want to, not because we have to. And for that we are grateful.

We thrift, we imagine, we create, we redefine, we live our lives out loud.

Watch us work!


Make Pie Not War

It really was sorta like Christmas morning today when I reached in our box to get the usual (mostly junk) mail. We got our first Christmas card, but even better was that I received my gift package from Make Pie Not War! I mean, how can you not smile at that name?

Make Pie Not War is the wonderful custom jewelry company run by Alana Little. Based on the West Coast, Make Pie Not War began in 2007 and specialize in what they describe as “eclectic handmade jewelry…for the radical lady (and men too). I call them beautiful and unique pieces Bo & I both instantly gravitated too.

This little gem I received today was handmade with love by Alana. We found each other on Etsy. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Custom stamped with my favorite word KINDNESS, it couldn’t be more perfect…and came in adorable packaging! I love it all so much. And as we speak, a package for Alana is headed west in kind.

So, check out Make Pie Not War – I know you’ll love as much as I do!

(And with supporting Small Business Saturday, I’m wearing this great vintage dress from our local Chic Swag-Wagon! So fellow Fort Worthians, check out Trisch with Chic-Swag-Wagon, as well!)


One of my favorite tumblrs, Confetti Garden.


On the Mend

One should never think, or say aloud…like I did…”Wow, its been a while since I’ve gotten sick” and then compound the dare to the universe by watching Contagion on HBO. Because the universe might just answer and a couple of days later you get the worst stomach flu (gastroenteritis) of my life. Because that is exactly what happened. My body betrayed me and I saw too much of the bathroom floor tile, as some sort of virus raged through my body. It was traumatic, it was like being pummeled, and most of all it felt like I was cut off from the world. It was not an experience I’d like to repeat, but I was able to get through without any hospital visits by forcing more Gatorade and SmartWater into my system than seemingly necessary and by allowing my husband to hover over me like an rookie nurse looking for approval. So, it’s nice to say that I feel much better, meaning not like death warmed over and with flowers from my husband and a trip around town (sunlight, anyone?)

But what also made recovery better was today’s package arrival from the wonderful Alphabet Bags! Isn’t it always a little extra special to get anything from the UK? We both love all the wonderful items from Alphabet Bags, and this little tote was the perfect item to complement our upcoming return trip to New Orleans for our 3rd wedding anniversary!  So, a HUGE thank you to cutest husband-and-wife-team Lucas and Hayley, not only for your wonderful tote I purchased, but for the personal note and for being all around inspiring and kind human beings!

So, go buy an Alphabet Bag! And enjoy the waning weeks of summer (and your health!) because for us today it feels mighty good to be on the mend.