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A Little of This a Little of That


There seems to be quite the theme on our blog lately. Puppies, more puppies and a spattering of other random of things we find interesting. One recent thing? It was my little brother’s birthday…and he is 24?? He shouldn’t be Twenty-Four! We used to spend hours watching The Little Mermaid over and over again. Sigh…what happened to the days of Chuck-E-Cheese and Ariel birthday cakes (all for him, mind you) Back in the present, I wore a Hawaiian print dress! (Exciting!) But mostly, the boys are getting into the Christmas In July spirit, and we are thrilled to have my parents back from Chicago!

AND FINALLY, we are still having our Christmas In July sale in the Lost In Drawers Vintage Etsy store.  Just enter the code JULYXMAS at checkout for 50% off ALL ITEMS from now until the end of the month! So, have a holly jolly Christmas In July on your friends from Lost In Drawers Vintage!



Christmas in July!



IT’S OUR FIRST ANNUAL CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE EVENT!!! Enter the code JULYXMAS at checkout for 50% off ALL ITEMS from now until the end of the month! So have a holly jolly Christmas in July on your friends at Lost In Drawers Vintage! And keep the change ya filthy animal!


Lost in Drawers Vintage Trunk Show


Today was somewhat of a milestone for Heather and I, as we took Lost In Drawers Vintage out into the real world with our very first booth at a local trade show of sorts. I can say that I am so very proud of Heather for all the hard work she does for our business, and it was an interesting and eye-opening experience all the way around. And why wouldn’t we want to show off some pretty frocks and a few accessories to boot? We couldn’t have done it without the support of our family, and we learned firsthand the challenges of designing, setting up, running and tearing down a booth in not-so-perfect conditions. So, in spite of being mismatched with the vendor types present at the show, and the venue being an interesting choice by the organizers, we found our way there, learned about the need for sturdy tables, racks and mannequins and did our best to represent what we have worked so hard to create with Lost In Drawers Vintage!

So, while the event didn’t quite meet the expectations of the vendors or the claims of the organizers, we had a good time and met a lot of vendors with a lot of good product: a cocktail ring from Covered in Glitter, candles from Candles N More from Mrs. Audrey, the kind gals at Lola’s Sugar Truck, and an amazing Mickey Mouse necklace from Yuntan!  (Check all these people out, for reals!) It was quite nice meeting people who are as passionate about what they do as we are about vintage. And as the pace was slow, soon enough we were packing up and what better way to celebrate a long day? Mexican food with the family! We are blessed, and we are armed with plenty of ideas and tips to make our future shows even better than the start!


(We had many, many lovely and great shoppers, and we thank them all from the bottom of our heart. These photos were behind the scenes if you will!)






Bo and I have a bedroom/office mighty full of vintage clothing, and truth be told, sometimes I forget what we have. But as we are getting ready for our upcoming Craft Fair in Sundance Square, we have been going through our collection and I came across this skirt. How did I forget about this gem? It’s a high waisted, classic, vintage, summery plaid number. It’s pretty good if I say so myself.

Enough of a break, however, it’s back to getting inventory ready, tagging many a dress (and this skirt) and all the things that comes along with a vintage booth. It’s exciting, hectic and even a little scary but entirely worth it for Lost In Drawers Vintage.


Lost in Drawers Vintage-Shop Update

8715770845_6e0a79cd5eSpring is here! SO, that means bright colors, shorter lengths and florals, florals, florals!

Check out the shop for all your Spring needs!

Lost in Drawers Vintage

Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop Update


PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6It’s May! And we happily inform our dear Lost in Drawers readers that we have many a new frock back from our seamstress/tailor Linda! Pretty exciting and just in time for gorgeous spring weather…and we don’t even have everything up!

We have some more wonderful dresses to photograph and debut. All of which will be loads of fun for us. Almost every dress this time around has been altered or tailored in some way to give each item a modern fit and finish. We do hope you all like it very much. We work really hard to keep all of our items modern and current, yet still very unique and vintage and only in our shop!

Lost in Drawers Vintage


Lost in Drawers Vintage-Shop Update!


It’s March! How on Earth is it March 2013? Well regardless it is, and we have a few spring worthy dresses in the Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop. A sprinkling of 70s, 80s and 90s floral goodness for the coming warm months. All of which are ready to be entirely wearable and integrate into your wardrobe ever so seamlessly!


Lost in Drawers Vintage-Shop Update


Hello, our dearest readers! We are super happy as we just got these dresses back from our lovely seamstress, Linda! Each one has either been shorten or had sleeves removed for a more modern fit and look. It might seem funny that a reworked sleeve or a shortened hem can change a garment. But it suuuuuuuuure can. The more we tailor dresses, the more we want all of our dresses to be truly wearable and something that will fit into your wardrobe seamlessly. It is the best thing to work with newly acquired pieces and old favorites then see our tailor work her magic. The results are truly something unique and one of a kind that will only be in your closet. That’s the beauty of wearable vintage, and what we strive for every day.

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Smattering of Here & There


We’ve been super busy over here. And loving every.minute.of it!

P.S. Cinnamon Sugar Popovers, are a must. Give them a try if you are up for deliciousness.

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Lost in Drawers Vintage – Shop Update

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It may only be January, but who isn’t looking forward to February and the lovely day of Valentine’s, full of adventure and sweetness. Yes, the day for all things flowers and chocolate also happens to be a perfect time to embrace red, pink and coral. Your wardrobe is begging to be full of cute polka dots and sweet floral prints.

It is the day to be a tad too sweet, and why not get a new-to-you vintage dress to signal that spring is around the corner? Our Lost In Drawers Vintage store has some great additions that are perfect for the Valentine’s Day spirit. Many of these frocks can be worn now under cardigans and on their own well into the warmer months. So, look for more scarlet hued dresses in the follow weeks! Because who doesn’t want a dash of sweet?

Lost in Drawers Vintage

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