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Walt Disney World-Hollywood Studios


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Hey 29!


So, you may know that this past weekend was my wonderful wife Heather’s birthday. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this woman whom I love. I will gladly risk sounding too mushy to tell you that she is without a doubt a person whom is worthy of praise and well wishes. She is beautiful, kind, adventurous, loving, funny, loyal, a good daughter, an amazing friend and a wonderful wife. She is my partner in life and most every good thing in our life is from something she dreams up. So, it was fitting that myself and our families would step it up this year and give her a birthday that expressed our love. From a lot of Japanese food, to Totoro cakes, many sweet treats, to Hello Kitty, to shopping and shoes, to handbags and yes, an Electric Bicycle from her parents – this week we did our best to show our love to this woman we all love. Here is to the next year, may it be even better than the last.


Walt Disney World-Epcot

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Happy 3rd Birthday Emory!


Oh, little Emory…you don’t read these blog posts (nor does he “really” care about his 3rd birthday) BUT, boy oh boy do we care! We spent the weekend with my family and most of it in our pajamas, but we of course had to celebrate his birthday on August 3rd! I mean, we just had to. He is 3 years old after all. He got a snazzy party hat, a bright new ball and lots and lots of family love. We are resigned to the reality that we are those cray doggie people, and honestly that’s OK with us. We love him, we love Clio. They make wherever we are home. So, we are blessed that our puppies make us so happy and hopefully better, more patient people. They are really and truly little heartbeats at our feet. Happy Birthday, little rapscallion Emory!


A Little of This, A Little of That


Well, this is a true “a little of this, a little of that” post. All comprised of Instagram photos, and all truly random photos of our week. We celebrated more of Bo’s 34th birthday (week) with my family, geeked out over Monsters University, hung out with the pups a lot – we got a walker in one young Clio, yall! In addition, Lost in Drawers Vintage shop was featured on Messages On A Napkin’s site, we even found a sunflower field (doesn’t happen every day, folks) and once again Bo was my partner in crime whilst shoe shopping (even though we found nothing). That’s just what we could remember! It’s already a busy start to a busy summer. But remember, our dear readers – we adore you always, and thank you for all your support and goodness!



Lost in Drawers Vintage Trunk Show


Today was somewhat of a milestone for Heather and I, as we took Lost In Drawers Vintage out into the real world with our very first booth at a local trade show of sorts. I can say that I am so very proud of Heather for all the hard work she does for our business, and it was an interesting and eye-opening experience all the way around. And why wouldn’t we want to show off some pretty frocks and a few accessories to boot? We couldn’t have done it without the support of our family, and we learned firsthand the challenges of designing, setting up, running and tearing down a booth in not-so-perfect conditions. So, in spite of being mismatched with the vendor types present at the show, and the venue being an interesting choice by the organizers, we found our way there, learned about the need for sturdy tables, racks and mannequins and did our best to represent what we have worked so hard to create with Lost In Drawers Vintage!

So, while the event didn’t quite meet the expectations of the vendors or the claims of the organizers, we had a good time and met a lot of vendors with a lot of good product: a cocktail ring from Covered in Glitter, candles from Candles N More from Mrs. Audrey, the kind gals at Lola’s Sugar Truck, and an amazing Mickey Mouse necklace from Yuntan!  (Check all these people out, for reals!) It was quite nice meeting people who are as passionate about what they do as we are about vintage. And as the pace was slow, soon enough we were packing up and what better way to celebrate a long day? Mexican food with the family! We are blessed, and we are armed with plenty of ideas and tips to make our future shows even better than the start!


(We had many, many lovely and great shoppers, and we thank them all from the bottom of our heart. These photos were behind the scenes if you will!)




Graduation 2013


I’m not going to lie, quite a few tears were shed when my youngest brother graduated from high school this past weekend. When he was born, I used to tell my classmates that he was mine. Kind of weird…but it was just because I loved him so much. And all these years later, we are so proud of him. The young man he is now and the grown man he is to become all evident in his dry wittiness and humor, his quiet sweetness, and more importantly, he gives the best hugs. Congratulations to my dear brother Connor! Many, many, many amazing things are on the horizon for you. This is something we know. You better believe it!

P.S. A HUGE shout out to our beyond amazing mother, who makes all and many things lovely and possible!



And So It Is


Well, my baby brother Connor graduated this weekend!! And it was lovely, and tear filled and so we have a post coming up with all that in it. But this post has nothing to do with all of that.  So, he did indeed graduate and there are pictures because my mom did say a million times…”Heather Nichole, there better be pictures!” So, yeah Mom, I took many pictures.

So, while everyone was scurrying about with graduation plans and celebrations, I was simply trying to keep out of the way.  What better way to do so than to take some pictures for myself. I thought, “hey I have a blog, and I do enjoy fashion, right?” So, here is an outfit post for the new week. Nothing new in particular, just stripes and a hat. ‘Cause when your hair is in the transition stage between not quite short but not long enough…you put a hat on it!

And, so it is…What I wore this one day over the weekend!


Home Outfit

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We are back home from being with my family for Memorial Day weekend. And though we will be seeing them again in 3 days time for my youngest baby brothers high school graduation, I have to say that I love going home. I love that my family lives in a small town, I love that it rains so much there that they get way more toadstools than we ever see in our neck of the woods. And I especially enjoy that there are never next door neighbors around, so that I can go stand in front of their fence anytime for a “outfit shot.” God Bless America.

But you know what I really love right now? While we were at my parents, we got a email expressing interest in Lost in Drawers Vintage being in a local craft/vintage show downtown in Sundance Square. Pretty pumped! More info coming very very soon!

Memorial Day


Memorial Day- A day of so much thankfulness, family, lots of puppies and for the love of all that is good.. lots of FOOD!