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Sprinkle it With Dew

10109521924_349af6dea3Well, this weekend has been a busy one folks, and luckily it always seems to be on a week when Bo has every other Friday off. We seem to try and pack in a lot…taking full advantage, ya know? It’s full steam ahead for a day or so and then rest for the remainder of the weekend. This particular weekend we did quite a lot when one looks back on it! I finished up preparing for my upcoming Disney trip with my mother, we found an AMAZING Japanese shop in Plano called Shop Minoya that had so many amazing treats and cool things to peruse! I went a little wild in there…but all in all, it was a lot of great things for super great prices! We also have been desperate for a taste of our beloved NOLA, and we found a great po’boy shop in Plano (and soon to be in Dallas), Wicked Po’Boys! So good, and yes – beignets! More fun shopping, and soon enough we decided to spring for something we both have been wanting for a while: new tattoos! I got a new one for my mom, with two branches – one stronger to represent her and my own for my growth under her care as my mom. I love it – thanks to Ryan Derby at Royal 1 Tattoo for working with me. And so Bo didn’t feel left out, he got a coordinating tattoo of a laurel banner (symbolizing unity – his words) in his preferred traditional style. It was a cool, fun night! And today was just a complete day of soaking in REAL Autumn weather. It never got above 65 degrees. Perfect. And here is to a true Sunday day of rest and reflection.

And, finally, it’s nice to know that I can make particularly stupid ugly face and my husband still loves me …well, all is right with the world!




Christmas in July!



IT’S OUR FIRST ANNUAL CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE EVENT!!! Enter the code JULYXMAS at checkout for 50% off ALL ITEMS from now until the end of the month! So have a holly jolly Christmas in July on your friends at Lost In Drawers Vintage! And keep the change ya filthy animal!


Lost in Drawers Vintage Trunk Show


Today was somewhat of a milestone for Heather and I, as we took Lost In Drawers Vintage out into the real world with our very first booth at a local trade show of sorts. I can say that I am so very proud of Heather for all the hard work she does for our business, and it was an interesting and eye-opening experience all the way around. And why wouldn’t we want to show off some pretty frocks and a few accessories to boot? We couldn’t have done it without the support of our family, and we learned firsthand the challenges of designing, setting up, running and tearing down a booth in not-so-perfect conditions. So, in spite of being mismatched with the vendor types present at the show, and the venue being an interesting choice by the organizers, we found our way there, learned about the need for sturdy tables, racks and mannequins and did our best to represent what we have worked so hard to create with Lost In Drawers Vintage!

So, while the event didn’t quite meet the expectations of the vendors or the claims of the organizers, we had a good time and met a lot of vendors with a lot of good product: a cocktail ring from Covered in Glitter, candles from Candles N More from Mrs. Audrey, the kind gals at Lola’s Sugar Truck, and an amazing Mickey Mouse necklace from Yuntan!  (Check all these people out, for reals!) It was quite nice meeting people who are as passionate about what they do as we are about vintage. And as the pace was slow, soon enough we were packing up and what better way to celebrate a long day? Mexican food with the family! We are blessed, and we are armed with plenty of ideas and tips to make our future shows even better than the start!


(We had many, many lovely and great shoppers, and we thank them all from the bottom of our heart. These photos were behind the scenes if you will!)




Hillsong United

PicMonkey Collage2

It was a Tuesday Night date night! I got to spend some really good time with Bo.


Hillsong United blew our minds, our hearts and souls away. If I could buy everyone I know or ever have known, a ticket to one of their worship experiences….I would! I WOULD! Such great energy and spirit, in an environment that was beyond next level. Who needs Zumba when you had a Hillsong dance off with your husband? I mean it was absolutely amazing, inspiring and incredibly intense!

Now, can we just talk about concert attendance for a minute? I mean, one can really get into the music, cant you? And this being a praise and worship night, a hat probably wasn’t my smartest choice. However, the best part of wearing a wide brimmed hat is you can muffle the loud noise as needed. The worst part is..said hat falling off every single time I would move/dance…but I wouldn’t change a single thing about last night.

What a great night to remember His love is relentless!


And So It Is


Well, my baby brother Connor graduated this weekend!! And it was lovely, and tear filled and so we have a post coming up with all that in it. But this post has nothing to do with all of that.  So, he did indeed graduate and there are pictures because my mom did say a million times…”Heather Nichole, there better be pictures!” So, yeah Mom, I took many pictures.

So, while everyone was scurrying about with graduation plans and celebrations, I was simply trying to keep out of the way.  What better way to do so than to take some pictures for myself. I thought, “hey I have a blog, and I do enjoy fashion, right?” So, here is an outfit post for the new week. Nothing new in particular, just stripes and a hat. ‘Cause when your hair is in the transition stage between not quite short but not long enough…you put a hat on it!

And, so it is…What I wore this one day over the weekend!


A Beautiful Mess App

8747169894_04e452ed0bI think everyone on the Internets is cuckoo crazy for the new ABM APP, and we are jumping on that bandwagon wholeheartedly! If you haven’t tried it? I suggest a visit to your app store and download it, best money you ever will spend!



Messages on a Napkin


Hey Guys & Dolls-Messages on a Napkin is having a little Lost in Drawers Vintage Giveaway! Hop on over there and chchcheck it out!

Messages on a Napkin!




Oh, hello there “summer”.  Summer for Texas that is, because spring is a very brief season in our fair state. It’s entirely unpredictable, as a couple of hours later it decided to storm and launch tornadoes and sling hail on all of us. But for the first part of the day, it was summery, full of sunshine and clear skies all around. Such weather is when a crop top needed to be worn, I think. Of course, with a denim jacket thrown over. Two outfit post in a row!

And of course we are praying for the people affected by the storms, while we were pretty safe. Also, while we are at it…let’s hope to the heavens that this weekend will be comfy and clear. We are planning to attend the Dallas Asian Festival. We have never been and are pretty excited to experience the foods, sights and sounds! Friday evening can’t get here soon enough!


Jazz Shoes


Woot, Woot Goodwill!

This is my second pair of dance shoes in mint condition that I have found there. The first pair were tap shoes and being that I’m a dancer at heart….a DANCER! You get it, yes? Okay, and while we are at it…I am an even bigger thrifter at heart. Everything you see here is thrifted being that this is an outfit post after all. And I haven’t done an “outfit post” in a long while. So here it is…what I wore today, what I danced in today, what my husband laughed at me in today. And if I can make him laugh…it is all worth it. Other than putting on clothes in the morning, we are getting our house done little by little…we have only 4 or 5 boxes left in our living room! What a feat…considering before it was like 100…so there’s that. And to cap the day off, in this house we finally have a garden flower bed. And we are planting that little thing up. Stay tuned for that! Things are getting “crazy” over at the Liles house…real. real. crazy.


Lost in Drawers Vintage-Shop Update

8715770845_6e0a79cd5eSpring is here! SO, that means bright colors, shorter lengths and florals, florals, florals!

Check out the shop for all your Spring needs!

Lost in Drawers Vintage