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Throw Your Mittens Around Your Kittens and Away You Go

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Well, this was our last day in the Crescent City. The moments spent in the hours before we point our vehicle west towards home are always bittersweet. New Orleans is a place that is either just a place or it sinks its soul into yours and a part of you stays there no matter where you go. Our last day in the city always follows a similar pattern. We do a new thing or two, but we always return to a few favorites. This day had an event that was new and quite unexpected. We increasingly bike all around the city and this particular day, I had my first legit bicycle accident. Trying to avoid an inattentive cyclist, the crash bruised up my new bike, myself and maybe my ego a little bit. But I held my tears, and soon enough we were back at an old favorite, Salu, for a meal to cap off time well spent in the city we love.

C’est si bon,



Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop Update


PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6It’s May! And we happily inform our dear Lost in Drawers readers that we have many a new frock back from our seamstress/tailor Linda! Pretty exciting and just in time for gorgeous spring weather…and we don’t even have everything up!

We have some more wonderful dresses to photograph and debut. All of which will be loads of fun for us. Almost every dress this time around has been altered or tailored in some way to give each item a modern fit and finish. We do hope you all like it very much. We work really hard to keep all of our items modern and current, yet still very unique and vintage and only in our shop!

Lost in Drawers Vintage


Storyland at New Orleans City Park

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Super 8-NOLA

NOLA 2013 from Lost In Drawers on Vimeo.

It was hopping, It was Leaping

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Like Refinery 29 said so perfectly, and first:

There’s nothing hotter than a smart, sassy local lady two-wheeling around town. And, of course, the wisest of those ladies knows that it’s essential to wear a bicycle helmet…

And it’s true. If you cycle, you need a helmet. They are hilarious looking, and can be quite dorky feeling to wear. But safety first, yes? But enough about that as we aren’t the police, we just want people to be safe.

Today was a mighty good day, people. We had sunshine, BBQ, visited Doc’s Records for National Record Store Day, and best of all, hung out with our bestest of friends Katie for a belated birthday get-together. We do love her, she is a friend that just gets “it”. The world is a better place because she is in it. And she is the funniest of the all funny people because she knows how to be herself. Those are the people who make a day like today one to remember.

Critical Cycles

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I’ve waited patiently for this little beauty of a dutch style bicycle to come to my door, checking the windows constantly every time the FedEx truck drove by our new little house. And she (yes, she) finally arrived today! I sold my not-that-old bike that I had customized to a very kind and chic girl a few weekends ago. So, it was time to finally find my own dutch style bicycle I have been dreaming of for a long while. I was fortunate to find it at Critical Cycles. And I love it! Love, love, love it! The dutch style of bicycle is really cool and practical, with a step through frame and upright position, which is a must for any of us who don’t ride clothed in too much spandex. We added Emory’s basket, and I am sure my husband will think of a thousand ways we can make this bike even more my style. Quite the pick-me-up that was much needed after this long week!

And nothing ends a post like a little Emory Holden action. We HAD to get these Mickey Mouse shirts at Petsmart, if we didn’t purchase them it would have been a crime against nature, I tellz ya!

Lost in Drawers Vintage-Shop Update!


It’s March! How on Earth is it March 2013? Well regardless it is, and we have a few spring worthy dresses in the Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop. A sprinkling of 70s, 80s and 90s floral goodness for the coming warm months. All of which are ready to be entirely wearable and integrate into your wardrobe ever so seamlessly!


Lost in Drawers Featured on Too Thrifty Chicks

What an honor and great pleasure to have a Q&A with our stylish, creative, thrifty, adventure-seeking, authentic friends at Too Thrifty Chicks!

We want to thank them, cordially for their kindness and support with Lost in Drawers Vintage!


Too Thrifty Chicks

This blog is about our thrifting and fashion adventures, and the things we create.

We rummage through racks on racks on racks.

We like the thrill of the hunt and the victory of the find. We create art. We eschew trends because we create our own.

We are privileged to thrift and create things with our hands because we want to, not because we have to. And for that we are grateful.

We thrift, we imagine, we create, we redefine, we live our lives out loud.

Watch us work!


Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins


Good grief Charlie Brown, this weather is incredibly annoying; and as Sally Brown once famously said “All I want is what I…I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share.” Seriously. We really have tried to get into the holiday spirit these past few weeks. We were first “burned” when we went our with our friend Katie, and our favorite house in Fort Worth was not done up to the prior expectations we had for it. We have gone to this house every year we have been together, and it has always been magical and spectacular. This year…it was not. And when we went downtown the next day to see the Christmas tree? It felt like a May afternoon and it was dark out, and it was a bummer. Everyone’s energy wasn’t up to what one might expect for the Holiday season.

And so tonight, we went to the Gaylord Texan to see the Christmas decorations since we will be in Florida for Christmas Day..and we have to admit, we were not impressed. So what to do when struggling to get into the spirit of the season? We decided to come home and make Christmas treats. (Even though it looks as though children decorated them, that was all us!) The song, that I am sure gets stuck in everyone’s head, “Where Are You Christmas?” keeps playing in my head. But really no weather and lack of decor around town can bring us down, right?

But again this year, Bo and I must remind ourselves what Christmas is about…kindness and giving, and allowing love to win out over everything else. Texas and it’s bizarre weather, Christmas lights, being in a foul mood isn’t a big deal. But what is Christmas about truly? The story of Jesus is not just what we know from Sunday school from days long gone, but a story about years of struggle and the best laid plans gone awry in the hands of humankind.  Then Jesus came, and the two options for life where opened up to a third option. Freedom in the face of a dark world, a freedom that is mostly realistic, often mysterious and always finding a little piece of hope in the midst of stress.

P.S. My Christmas gift came in the mail, and very early. All thanks to Bo and his generosity. I hadn’t had a legit camera in a very long, long, long, long, long time…it was time to upgrade. Now I’m obviously not a photographer in the least, evident by my iPhone photos posted above. But this will be very fun to learn how to use. Merry Christmas all around!


Anthology Issue No. 9