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8715770845_6e0a79cd5eSpring is here! SO, that means bright colors, shorter lengths and florals, florals, florals!

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Three Year Wedding Anniversary

My mother told me in the beginning of Bo and I’s marriage that the 2nd year of her marriage was the toughest. And for us, I think that has held true. We went through so much this year. From start to finish, it has been a succession of challenges. Somethings that were personal and kept private, and other things that we shared publicly. We have found that transparency and authenticity are key for our life, and in sharing our life we embrace it. Marriage and love is a choice for us, not a feeling as we have come to learn. We’ve chosen to love one another. We aren’t alone in our struggles, it is a fact that marriage is hard. I’m going to assume that any married couple would say it’s not easy, and especially at first. But you know, without the struggle we lose the chance to really enjoy those amazingly perfect days. There are really good adventures to share, and we have a lot of good days, and some are documented and some are not. I, Heather, remind Bo that it doesn’t take a lot to make this girl happy. Simplicity is the key.

We are learning to laugh through those ridiculous situations, and realize that we love each other and that we can’t control every element of life as it happens. So, as we embark on our fourth year together as husband and wife, we hope to learn from the past and blossom into the people we want to be for ourselves and each other.

These are the photos we took to document our Third year together. The First year and second year here and here. We try to stick with the same aesthetic, color and of course the location is where we were married 3 years ago!

The Swimsuit: A History of Twentieth-Century Fashion-1970’s

Fort Worth-Vintage Style 4

Bo and I were at our local Montgomery Street Antique Mall, scouring the mall of vintage trinkets and treasures, one of our favorite pastimes. We ran across these in our favorite booth. We would most definitely hang out with them all.

A Sea Chanty of Sorts

Sometimes we are reminded that there are people in our life path that are really good company. This entire weekend was one spent being reminded that we as people are never really alone along life’s path, as with kindness given, there is friendship received. We had a wonderful dinner with good friends on Friday at the worth the wait in line Fireside Pies, as well as saw other good friends out and about. It’s amazing how good it feels to spend time with people who want nothing other than conversation and laughter.

Saturday was a lazy day, with not much to do around a town besieged by stock show traffic.  Sunday brought tea time with another friend, who has the amazing ability to bring out the best and most honest side of us. (Thank you to Avoca Coffee for a letting us occupy several chairs for a good amount of time and for getting Heather hooked on Orange Swirl tea!) We also had a chance to meet a wonderful Lost In Drawers reader (and her adorable children), who was just lovely! To top it off, it was a much needed if not belated Christmas with Meme and Pawpaw Waller.  And there was cake, and more cake. Life really is good when you get the friends, and the perspective, you need.

Universal Studios Orlando – Day Two

When Day Two of our trip dawned, our mission was two-fold and both parts equally important. One, we needed our Harry Potter return pass and we needed many more churros! Churros are the secret weapon in theme park survival. Delicious and with the essential energy to get around the park and endure long lines. Emory was ready for his second day of doggie care at Happy Paws Pet Resort, which after day one none of us (including him) were sure about. We recommend doing a LOT of research if boarding or putting your dog in day care when you are traveling, although you never truly know what it will be like until you arrive. After getting him settled in and getting to the park, it was apparent that the weekend brings the crowds and everyone moves a lot slower the more days people are at the park.

Florida in the winter is odd, as the first day was breezy and cool most of the day, but day two the sun was out and it got warm very quickly.  Return pass in hand, we got to enjoy the ever fun The Amazing Spider Man Experience 3-D. Lunch in Toon Lagoon and many gift purchases later, it was time to head to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Honestly, Bo being the nerd was wide-eyed and had his head on the swivel. Butterbeer (draft AND frozen) was had, many photos and video were taken and then we took a deep breath and faced the longest line either one of us had ever been in. The main ride at Harry Potter is quite the wait (followed by a mandatory locker storage of all bags, so be ready for that!) BUT stepping inside the castle you truly step into the world, and it is amazingly realistic. Dumbledore greets you in his office, you encounter the main characters, you walk past the moving paintings and then soon enough you are flying through the ride, a true 4-D experience. Despite the pause in the action (at the horrid large spiders), the ride was one of the best we have ever been on. Entirely worth the wait and highly recommended! And how does one wind down from a Wizarding World? Well, with a frozen Goose Juice from Seuss Landing! And speaking of green things, Shrek completed our jaunt around the rides at Universal. We wound down with a stroll through the park, a quick meal at the Hard Rock Cafe.

As the sun set and we picked up (a much more sociable) Emory from day care and headed off to find a celebratory ice cream sundae, we tipped our hat to Orlando for a trip that was definitely a highlight of a year full of challenge. Despite many miles driven and 5 states, Universal Studios was a trip we will never forget.

Bo & Heather


The holidays always begin with a time of reflection and wonder about how we got from the first day of the year to this final push to another calendar year. Just how we survived and conquered all of the challenges and opportunities that 365 days bring is truly something to be amazed at, and definitely be thankful for.  This year has certainly been both beautiful and incredibly hard.  From a full calendar year of employment for myself (something I haven’t had in over three years) and the opportunity to take mine and Heather’s collective passion and begin the process of starting a business out of that dream, to the honest difficulty of navigating the rhythm of marriage and the struggle to maintain the ties of family…this year has been packed full of both wonderful and incredibly difficult moments.  But both are exactly what to be thankful for. That we have the opportunity as two people, both similar in tastes and extremely different in thought processes, to struggle and overcome the challenges of life is more than amazing. We are thankful for so many things. That we have our base needs taken care of, from shelter and food and clothing to gainful employment and free time together, well, we make it in this world even if by a fine thread at times by the grace of God.

We are thankful for family and all that implies, from excellent models of togetherness to the opportunity to change those things that are often barriers to depth in relationships. We are thankful for Emory, who over the course of the last 15 months has been a constant source of happiness, laughter and comfort…with only a little frustration!  We are thankful for the freedom we have as human beings to be honest with ourselves and the direction we feel our life should go in, from moving in place and focus in my ministry to how we spend our energy in both experience and documentation of our life on a daily basis through Heather’s lens and heart. We are thankful for a God that we believe in that is not forced into the boxes so often created and fought for by those who are religious and/or political.  As a husband, there is not much I can ask for that Heather doesn’t already give me.  I am personally thankful for how she loves me in spite of my own idiosyncrasies, how she often forgives me and challenges me to be a better man and is protective of who I am and what I want to become.  It is rare to have someone in your life who is so present to all these joys and challenges of life together, and who shows from her love and care of Emory to how she gives to everyone from the closest friends to homeless strangers how life can be lived well.

Together we are figuring out how to live in a way that shows those around us that love wins, that all are accepted by the God we believe in no matter what, that honesty is best in a world of thin veneers of false successes, that generosity is a lifestyle and that at the end of the day and the end of each year we are alive and we are together and we have enough within us to do all it all again for another year.  We hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and we are happy to wish you all a very happy holidays!

-Bo Liles

P.S. These are some Thanksgiving 2011 family pictures that we wanted to share as we haven’t taken any of us all in a while and we wanted to share them. We want to thank you all ever so much for sharing in a little glimpse of our world with every day and every post. We live our life openly and this blog is merely a by-product of those moments lived out loud. We enjoy all of you and your consistent and wonderful kindness that comes our way. Simply thank you.  ~Heather






Lost In Drawers

We really love blogging. The question we constantly ask ourselves is: what does blogging mean to us?

The fact is that we live our life together intentionally.  We know how precious and how each day is a gift, so we best take advantage of every moment that presents itself.  We really like to go out and enjoy our city, and reporting back about the going-ons around town is something that we hope shows others that we live in a great place that we should all enjoy.

Blogging is something that offers a window into life.  We so realize that there might be too many posts of Emory, or how it is obvious we appreciate fashion, how we are trying to start a business, or many of the other themes that appear on our blog.  We don’t want things to be too sweet all of the time, but in some cases we feel that blogging should be positive and inspiring rather than indulgent and selfish.  It’s probably true that I take too many pictures of my shoes, and obvious that Bo uses flowery words to the point I have to edit him.  But you know something?  That is us.  I’m sure we can be annoying at times…how many photos of shoes do we need?  And while some times I post the things I wear, sometimes I also wear pajamas and jeans and tee shirts. At other times, Bo makes me really mad and I may cause him frustration as well.  Life is varied and always quite real.

We apologize if the purpose of the blog has ever become redundant or contrived.  We want to be real, and document our life as it happens. We want to share with you of our failures & triumphs, our dreams & goals.  We want to celebrate with you and support things we believe in.  We thank you, our readers, for each time you choose to come along with us on our Lost in Drawers journey.

I have ALWAYS said that this blog is not the reason we do the things we do, but a byproduct of life lived. We do things that end up on our blog, not because of the blog, but because we want to live a life worth remembering.  We are all given some time, I hope we are all making the best of that gift.

I was reading getoffmyinternets and it resonated with me.  One member, tvsociety said:

“While I value photographs because they can capture moments and help solidify memories, I find it pretty sad that for some people, capturing moments has superseded the moments themselves.”

And I whole heartily agree.  We are making the promise to ourselves, to never let the act of blogging ever dictate the rhythm of our life.  For moments are too precious to be reduced to a product for the internet.



Fort Worth-Vintage Style Part 3