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Here and There



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Smile You’re On Camera


When you see an abandoned service station that says Smile You’re On Camera? You pull over? Yes, you pull over, go rogue stye if you will for the good of the blog. In other news, another day and another case of two unhappy little boys. We keep telling them that they get to go to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin out…’cause you know that is what every little pup wants to do. PICK a darn pumpkin out! But we had another meeting that kept us from it again, yet we swear come rain or shine we are getting those boys to the pumpkin patch!

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“Be obscure clearly.”

4Don’t you love an E.B. White quote? I sure do. E.B. White – “Be obscure clearly! Be wild of tongue in a way we can understand.”

Is it time for Thanksgiving yet? It will be a new thanksgiving experience this year. We will be traveling to Arkansas to be with Bo’s side of the family for the first time. I’m hoping to eat and eat and many pies and see many a-changing leaves. But before Thanksgiving, we had a special concert this weekend! We had the privilege of seeing The National in Dallas. Seeing as this was the soundtrack to be and Bo’s courting, engagement and marriage. it’s pretty darn special. We were and are beside ourselves. More on that later!

Okay, we talk about the weather enough here on this blog, but I am deciding to dress for the month, or the time of year regardless of temperature. You hear that, Texas? So. I may get strange looks when it’s 80 degrees out and I’m wearing pleather and a beanie…but that’s the way it’s gotta be!

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I’m bringing out my fall florals! Don’t you just love fall florals? Seriously though, it’s a little chilly and perfect for a light jacket yet you feel like you can stay outside all day. Well, at least I do…I would want to. But honestly who actually stays outside all day? Even just taking these puppy boys on a trip to Half Price Books is enough work…well, not work but you know. Enough of something to make you want a perfect little nap.

Speaking of Half Price Books, this last trip over the weekend someone called Emory fat and proceeded to assume Clio had a major eye infection and how it looked horrible. Bo was a little upset and maybe had to walk away. Well, turn away is more like it. Let’s remember, people: kindness wins with pups too! Pups are a part of the Creation too!

We are off to Vintage Tex, located in the mid-cities, tomorrow to get to know the store a little more and have a grand ole time!

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Hocus Pocus

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It’s almost October! It seems everything loves to start earlier and earlier each year. We bought candy corn super early, Hocus Pocus is playing on the Lifetime network…though it should be on ABC Family but that’s another story, pumpkins are out everywhere. And I am really ready for Halloween, mainly because around Halloween my mother & I will be taking a trip down to Florida, for a certain Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, with a certain Mouse. Needless to say I am pretty pumped.

But let’s talk about some fashion. or #OOTD. I, for the longest time didn’t know what that stood for and had to Google it. Seriously, I’m only 29? What’s wrong with me. So in honor of the aforementioned hashtag, I wore this super cute polka dot dress with my favorite jacket of the moment. Even more fun, we trespassed at a doctor’s office and took some of these photos and the weekend could officially begin.


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My incredibly kind mother gifted me with this jumper. And I like her taste. She is a lovely woman that mom of mine. And so is Bo, which I kindly stole his beanie when I put my outfit on that morning. Beanies, are good and are amazing for cow licks. That’s right my bangs had a cow lick and I hid them with a beanie. Beanies and jumpers for this Wednesday. My bangs better be back to normal asap-or else!

eZip Trailz Electric Bike

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My birthday present came in!! I have been wanting an electric bike for 4 years! My wonderful mother Nancy and father Michael surprised me by ordering me this wonderful bicycle. It’s not a scooter, but a 7 speed bicycle with an electric assist that can be controlled by pedal assist or throttle control. I love it. I really love it. Like…a lot.

It has extended our rides, and made it possible for me to get around our area of town easily and really has made these evening fun in spite of the warmer weather! And I think Bo loves it too, because he has already thought of a hundred ways to customize it for me! I’m inclined to let him? I love love love my bikes and our living room bears witness with three bikes tucked into corners ready to ride. Absolutely one of the best birthday presents I have ever gotten!

Throw Your Mittens Around Your Kittens and Away You Go

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Well, this was our last day in the Crescent City. The moments spent in the hours before we point our vehicle west towards home are always bittersweet. New Orleans is a place that is either just a place or it sinks its soul into yours and a part of you stays there no matter where you go. Our last day in the city always follows a similar pattern. We do a new thing or two, but we always return to a few favorites. This day had an event that was new and quite unexpected. We increasingly bike all around the city and this particular day, I had my first legit bicycle accident. Trying to avoid an inattentive cyclist, the crash bruised up my new bike, myself and maybe my ego a little bit. But I held my tears, and soon enough we were back at an old favorite, Salu, for a meal to cap off time well spent in the city we love.

C’est si bon,


Fort Worth-Vintage Style 4

Bo and I were at our local Montgomery Street Antique Mall, scouring the mall of vintage trinkets and treasures, one of our favorite pastimes. We ran across these in our favorite booth. We would most definitely hang out with them all.