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It’s Candy Corn Time


So, first things first. Whatever this cold, sinus infection sickness is…it is crap. And it needs to leave my body immediately. But in spite of sickness trying to slow our household down, we can’t just put life totally on hold. It was a week of new things and few favorite things. I went to a new doctor, which is always a lot of hoops to jump through. Bo knew this, so Dale’s Donuts and their pillow-y donut hole of perfection were in order. I also did something I have been wanting to do, but never thought I would – I got my eyebrows threaded. And the result was so good! Sometimes trying seemingly minor things can give oneself a boost – especially when your sinuses have been in open rebellion. Yes, I return to favorite things when I am sick, so needless to say there was a lot of  Japanese Pocky treats and weird Japanese drinks and of course, Totoro. But it’s time for a three day weekend, my dad Michael’s birthday and hopefully some semi-fall weather? You hear that Texas? fall weather!

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Magic Kingdom


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Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom


It’s no secret that we love Disney, nor do we hide the fact that in the last year, we have had the opportunity  (the blessed opportunity) to go to Walt Disney World in Florida three times. We love it, and every time we seem to see it through a different lens. This time around we were going with the entire Liles family, with our niece and nephew being rookies to the Magic Kingdom! You never know what to expect with a trip with family, who hadn’t done a theme park vacation all together, but luckily we were there to hopefully show them the ropes! I have to say that to see our niece really embrace the experience, and our nephew obsessing over what “fast rides” he could go on was a really cool experience.

This time around we stayed on property at the Art of Animation hotel, and that worked out pretty well as family could come and go to the parks, and let us tell you that access to a pool (or three!) during the Florida summer is must! But, let’s be honest – the two of us were bound to be the family members who would be at the parks the most. And we were. How else were we supposed to eat a required minimum amounts of DOLE WHIP and MICKEY ICE CREAM TREATS?!!!

We got to explore more of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, which was really fun and come on…every night at Disney World with fireworks is magical. Walt knew what he was doing, and for that every time is as fun as the first time!

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Rubbing Sticks and Stones Together


4 more weeks until the Liles/Andrews Disney World trip! Woot, Woot! This week our itinerary came in the mail, and it was as if Christmas morning had come around our house. We went a little dorky, and bought lanyards for our keycards to get into the park and the like. This is our first time staying at the actual resort property, and we won’t be taking the puppies along this time! Such a shock! And honestly, really kind of hard as they travel everywhere with us…so, it will be new and different and interesting to say the least. Not to mention it being our first trip with the Liles family. We usually have gone on most trips with my family. As it is, hopefully I can help out in the Disney arena, being I am a bit of a fanatic and all.

Other than all this Disney stuff, we have been trying to nursing little Clio back to some kind of reasonable health. His past vet visit, Dr. Snodgrass informed us that he has a condition known commonly as Cherry eye – symptoms include a visible fleshy mass, abnormal tear production, and a discharge or drainage from the eye area. It’s been a pain for him, and for us to see every day. Its just sad and Emory has been taking care of him as well, licking his head every chance he gets. So it was no surprise that we spent our 4th of July very very low key, with the pups, lounging, eating a lot of peach and cherry Pinkberry. And to keep it in balance, trying to eat in as much as possible to save a little bit of money. Thank the heavens Bo is a master BBQ person. He has really stepped up his game lately, and had become quite obsessed. And that’s a-OK with me.

Did I mention we are going to Disney World in 4 weeks?!


Yep, Yep, Yep

9190661022_50ddc408d4 Oh, hello there. Just a little of what’s been going on in our neck of the woods. It’s true that pictures tell a story all their own. As much as our life goes…puppies, puppies, puppies; The National concert tickets; thrift stores and the like! I like you summer, you’re alright.





Oh, Sundays…Sundays can be incredibly boring, then fun and then boring again. It seems the pups love to wake up earlier and earlier as the summer days go by. This morning it was an 8 am wake up call. As the morning routine led into a nap for the boys, it was evident summer was in full swing around our house.

We decided to make a swing through the nearby antique mall, which being near the botanic gardens meant we couldn’t resist flowers and babbling brooks. But as the pups soon singled on a walk that barely made it up the block, the summer sun was going to win the day. Still, as the evening came and we all are settled in for the night, we can only patiently anticipate the DVD release of of Studio Ghibli’s From Up On Poppy Hill. Because that would be the best thing these warms nights could bring.


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Love L747 Brown Tort

First Pair Free. I mean, who doesn’t love Free? Though it wasn’t actually free free, as I ended up paying about $17 for shipping and such. But, all in all – pretty good for a new pair of eyeglasses. Thank you Coastal glasses. The shipping was extremely fast, as it only took a few days to arrive.  Before I knew it – bam! They were here and quite lovely. I already have RayBan cat eye frames, which truly are very “cat- eyey?” Yet, these have a vintage flair but with a modern twist. Dork chic? I sure hope so. Of course, new frames meant an excuse to have a photo with a Totoro!

As it is, we are slowly getting things ready for our August Disney World trip. It was a trek to the mall to check out sales, sales, sales. And man, were there sales, but no buys for me. BUT, we did run into our new Sanrio type store and so I just had to come home with Chococat! Right? I couldn’t not. Today? Today was a good day. A Chococat day!


If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.


So, we took a few photos for our sponsorship post over at Messages on a Napkin, and needed a few updated shots for our Etsy shop. Really, any opportunity to put on a vintage full skirted dress and have fun with your husband? I will always take that. Because, the most important thing is fun. Fun! Fun, when we are getting honked at as cars drive by, fun when you are in a public place and people are silly, fun when you are in 100 degree heat and are burning up and sweat is dripping down your bangs. THIS IS FUN, PEOPLE! That’s what I’m talking about.

Speaking of fun, Bo’s birthday is on Wednesday…and I plan to make it a day for him…maybe even a week if my family has anything to do with it. I’m sure it will include BBQ, PHO, and lots and lots of Pinkberry! Happy birthday, husband of mine!


Hillsong United

PicMonkey Collage2

It was a Tuesday Night date night! I got to spend some really good time with Bo.


Hillsong United blew our minds, our hearts and souls away. If I could buy everyone I know or ever have known, a ticket to one of their worship experiences….I would! I WOULD! Such great energy and spirit, in an environment that was beyond next level. Who needs Zumba when you had a Hillsong dance off with your husband? I mean it was absolutely amazing, inspiring and incredibly intense!

Now, can we just talk about concert attendance for a minute? I mean, one can really get into the music, cant you? And this being a praise and worship night, a hat probably wasn’t my smartest choice. However, the best part of wearing a wide brimmed hat is you can muffle the loud noise as needed. The worst part is..said hat falling off every single time I would move/dance…but I wouldn’t change a single thing about last night.

What a great night to remember His love is relentless!


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Flower Village – Dallas


It’s no surprise that I am in love with all things Alice in Wonderland. It’s been a part of my life from the very beginning. I’m quite fanatical about it, SO when we saw on Groupon that the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens were having a
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Flower Village,  we knew we had to get there quick to take it in. Granted, we paid $6 bucks each, which was fitting for the display being only 4 houses. It was sweet, and nostalgic, and lovely. In addition, it  was quite steamy, but we seem to have fun with anything. And I will take a day date that is centered around Alice anytime at all.

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