Q & A

A few of the questions we get asked from time to time.  Enjoy!

Q: How did Lost In Drawers begin?

Heather: We began Lost In Drawers the summer prior to our marriage to begin documenting life together.

Bo: It was a pretty organic fusion of our interests and skills, from fashion, photography to writing music and pop culture.

Q: Where did you get that _____ (dress, skirt, shirt, bowtie, shoes, etc)?

Heather: We both have been thrifting and picking up vintage for years, although my closet is more reflective of the vintage we have acquired.  We also buy and sell our vintage on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

Bo: I think it really is an appreciation of anything both old and well-made.  Much of clothing nowadays is cheap and really doesn’t tell a story.

Q: Where are you both from?

Heather: I was born in Weatherford TX, but I have lived all around the state…including North, West and East Texas before returning to DFW where I met Bo, and we have lived in Dallas and currently in Fort Worth.

Bo: I was born in Fort Worth, lived in Burleson and moved to Denton before returning to Fort Worth where I met Heather.

Q: What are the things you cannot live without?

Heather: husband, Emory & Bailey Behr, family & friends, my cameras and a laptop, my bicycle “Little Edie,” a dayplanner with lists and a good pen and a cold frozen beverage – preferrably a Mango Pineapple Smoothie or Wild Cherry Slurpee.

Bo: wife, Emory & Bailey, family & friends, books, vinyl records/CDs/iTunes, a computer of any sort, my vintage Peugeot bicycle Heather bought me, Arsenal F.C., barbeque & Mexican food & any sort of beverage in my hand, most definitely coffee before 11am.