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Messages on a Napkin


We sent a little Lost in Drawers care package to our friend Marlen, of Messages on a Napkin, which not only are we sponsors of but we are so thankful for all of her support and kindness towards our business/shop! Goodness goes a long way in our heart. And might we say, she looks pretty spectacular in this dress. AND she has her own vintage boutique on Etsy! Please go check it out…it’s all kinds of good:

As one that harbors a penchant for anything that looks like it could have possibly been stolen from the grandpa down the hall, this shop is my careful curation of the best elbow patches and Bill Cosby sweaters on this side of the Mississippi.

With a shop motto like that….we can definitely get behind Bear and Twine! Check out our her wonderful blog as well!



Lost in Drawers Featured on Too Thrifty Chicks

What an honor and great pleasure to have a Q&A with our stylish, creative, thrifty, adventure-seeking, authentic friends at Too Thrifty Chicks!

We want to thank them, cordially for their kindness and support with Lost in Drawers Vintage!


Too Thrifty Chicks

This blog is about our thrifting and fashion adventures, and the things we create.

We rummage through racks on racks on racks.

We like the thrill of the hunt and the victory of the find. We create art. We eschew trends because we create our own.

We are privileged to thrift and create things with our hands because we want to, not because we have to. And for that we are grateful.

We thrift, we imagine, we create, we redefine, we live our lives out loud.

Watch us work!


Lost In Drawers Featured

The lovely Molly Magill from the lovely blog Smmidge was so very kind enough to feature us in a fun and thoughtful Q & A, as a part of her Blogger Profile series.  We enjoyed doing it so very much, and are so humbled and grateful to her for thinking of and including us.  It’s really nice when an inspiring blogger comes across our little corner view of the world, and we get to meet and explore their world through such their own creative lens.  So, please please go check out her always stylish and witty blog, as it’s quite grand!

Again, thanks to Molly and go explore Smmidge and follower her on Twitter!

Top Notch Top Knots

Kind of cool… kind of real cool. My top knot on Top Notch Top Knots! Check them out…I spent hours on their tumblr and was in Top Knot heaven!

Blog Love in the Panther City…Fort Worth- Part 7

A little blog love in the Panther City that is a bit more close to home (literally).  If you know anything about Bo Liles, you would know what an good writer he is (I’m biased as his wife)…he started a sister blog to our own Lost in Drawers by the name of Voodoo Heart.  If you have the time please do check it out and maybe think on some new things, and challenge him, comment, disagree with him…love him..I do all of these things and he still loves me! http://voodooheart.wordpress.com/ for frequent essays and thoughts on Christian Spirituality, culture, theology, art & creativity, relationships and what it means to navigate this life. Check it out, won’t you please!?!