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Going Ons



Its April, April already! Can you imagine? April 1st was Clio’s first birthday, or  as its known around here: the day we celebrate our April Fools Baby. But really, he is no fool! He has stolen our hearts just as his brother Emory continues to do every day. We are so so so blessed to have these little puppy boys in our lives. So, of course we had to have a little party for his special day! Balloons, party hats and most of all, a puppy Sprinkles cupcake for the birthday boy. And being that he is a little tyke – soon enough he was passed out taking a nap. It’s been a special year, and here’s a lifetime of memories to be made with a certain tuxedo’d Pekingese.

And so, we being our spring with birthdays and despite some random cold days, it’s lovely to be on the other side of winter. It’s time for sunglasses, road trips, New Orleans, bicycles and lots of lots of sunshine.


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Happy 3rd Birthday Emory!


Oh, little Emory…you don’t read these blog posts (nor does he “really” care about his 3rd birthday) BUT, boy oh boy do we care! We spent the weekend with my family and most of it in our pajamas, but we of course had to celebrate his birthday on August 3rd! I mean, we just had to. He is 3 years old after all. He got a snazzy party hat, a bright new ball and lots and lots of family love. We are resigned to the reality that we are those cray doggie people, and honestly that’s OK with us. We love him, we love Clio. They make wherever we are home. So, we are blessed that our puppies make us so happy and hopefully better, more patient people. They are really and truly little heartbeats at our feet. Happy Birthday, little rapscallion Emory!


A Little of This, A Little of That


Well, this is a true “a little of this, a little of that” post. All comprised of Instagram photos, and all truly random photos of our week. We celebrated more of Bo’s 34th birthday (week) with my family, geeked out over Monsters University, hung out with the pups a lot – we got a walker in one young Clio, yall! In addition, Lost in Drawers Vintage shop was featured on Messages On A Napkin’s site, we even found a sunflower field (doesn’t happen every day, folks) and once again Bo was my partner in crime whilst shoe shopping (even though we found nothing). That’s just what we could remember! It’s already a busy start to a busy summer. But remember, our dear readers – we adore you always, and thank you for all your support and goodness!



Memorial Day


Memorial Day- A day of so much thankfulness, family, lots of puppies and for the love of all that is good.. lots of FOOD!

Hello Clio

8780340148_0eac2ab121Well, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve discussed a “sibling” brother for our beloved little Emory for quite sometime. We thought, we prayed, we made many decisions mentally and emotionally to ensure we did every thing in our power to adopt the right companion for Emory. We got our heartbroken a few times during our search. But this adoption just fit with us. So here he is. We adopted Mister Clio August, and we couldn’t be happier. He is a Pekingese puppy, and everything that goes a long with a puppy will come. But, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. At the end of the day, it was always about making Emory comfortable and very happy. He is our first pride and joy. He is slowly coming around to Clio.

We got a lot of questions as we let our friends and family know, mainly – why get ANOTHER dog? Are you afraid to have kids? You love Emory so much, how can you love another? Why the name Clio? Why the name Emory? In answer to the latter, both names were found on a list of old fashioned/vintage names that are formally Male names from the early 1900s. We liked the way they sounded, they fit their personalities, they fit together as E & C and so there we have it!

As far as the other questions? Yes! We do want kids, a baby to make our home a family. We actually have baby fever to the max at the moment. Both me and Bo. We love children, and have always had an affinity for all children and babies.

But for now we wanted another dog, for Emory’s sake. Being they are pack animals, we wanted him to have a companion to share adventures with, someone to love and grow up with!

As if you couldn’t tell, we looooove Emory! He is our everything, and was one of the most timely blessings when he came into our family. There’s enough love and kindness to go around. We adopted Clio and he is in his forever home. That’s something special to celebrate.




Oh, hello there “summer”.  Summer for Texas that is, because spring is a very brief season in our fair state. It’s entirely unpredictable, as a couple of hours later it decided to storm and launch tornadoes and sling hail on all of us. But for the first part of the day, it was summery, full of sunshine and clear skies all around. Such weather is when a crop top needed to be worn, I think. Of course, with a denim jacket thrown over. Two outfit post in a row!

And of course we are praying for the people affected by the storms, while we were pretty safe. Also, while we are at it…let’s hope to the heavens that this weekend will be comfy and clear. We are planning to attend the Dallas Asian Festival. We have never been and are pretty excited to experience the foods, sights and sounds! Friday evening can’t get here soon enough!


Smattering of Here and There

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It’s been a full month, a very full and up and down month. From doctors’ visits, to traveling a bit and unpacking yet our house still has boxes? Are they multiplying? Many a fort could be built from the boxes we have accumulated. Getting settled into a new place and a new phase of life is never easy. Learning how to sleep in a new space to readjusting to having only bathroom with one sink, our life is never dull nor boring. Many a challenge to face and overcome. Currently, we are getting ready for Mothers’ Day. Our moms mean the world to us and we do take the time to try and honor them as best we can! (I’m not a mother yet, but maybe I can talk Emory into getting me a new iphone…eh…eh??)

And you know what makes for an amazing month? Amazing Lost in Drawers loves…special thank you cards received and best of all, beautiful ladies who look out of this world in our dresses. Our studio is set up, new dresses are up in the store and we have so much more on the horizon!

Of Love and Dreams To Share


The Peanuts were right…”Snowflakes in the air, Carols everywhere, Olden times and ancient rhymes, Of love and dreams to share…”

Except for that whole snowflakes in the air part. Texas is stubbornly avoiding winter weather, BUT Christmas came early regardless. We had Christmas with the Liles side of our family last weekend. And I got one of the best things from my mother-in-law. A Year Of Pies cookbook! Who needs New Year’s resolutions, when one should start the New Year out with pie! I know I do! Also new? A new shorter haircut seemed appropriate for the new year. Change is good? It’s been a good holiday, giving to others and receiving mighty good things in the post and even all the way from our friends across the pond. Our worldview is growing and that is a joyful thing for 2013.

Playing the part of our own little Elf on the Shelf, Emory has been full of shenanigans lately. Do we need 40 sock monkey friends in bed with us? No, no we do not. But each night a parade of stuffed monkeys appears by our feet, or on top of our clothes, or in luggage. We’re actually trying to pack for our Christmas trip to Florida, and evidently he wants his friends to go along.

In between it all, we have been spending some Christmas time around Fort Worth, and taking in the Christmas around us despite the balmy temps. And the best thing of all was experiencing with some great joy while at the grand old Christmas tree downtown, was a couple getting engaged right in front of us! It was a very special moment for them, and as strangers it was nice to see the love.

And finally, as we still hurt for the great loss in the community of Newtown, we are holding our families close, keeping things in our world in perspective and always attempting to be brave and kind.

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Decking the Halls and All That Jazz

It’s that time again. A little early this year it seemed, but after you’ve had about the 9th plate of leftover Thanksgiving food in 3 days you get a little crazy from all the carbs(?) So, being carb overloaded and all, we decided to put up our new tree which was given to us by Bo’s parents.

We now have two fairly big trees, and picking a theme proved to be difficult. (First world problems, I guess) So, we did one of the things we love the most. Disney, Disney, Disney. Note that this might not be the the hippest, coolest or Pinterest friendly thing we could have chosen. Just something we love a whole lot. It brings us joy, and that’s what Christmas is all about right?

These photos weren’t without struggle. We had a little pomeranian boy that was sick of our shenanigans, and despite its warm glow Christmas lighting, lets just say, isn’t the most flattering. And what do we say? Perfection is overrated! But it’s just November 25, maybe we will get it right soon enough!

Here we go holidays-See the blazing yule before us,: Fa la la la la la la la la. Strike the harp and join the chorus.

Fa la la la la la la la la RIGHT?!


Mary Poppins Comes Back

 “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”-Linus

Linus could not be more truthful.

Heather and I had a pretty uneventful Halloween. Our lovely friend Jill graciously invited us over for a porch party on this All Hallows’ Eve. But alas, we couldn’t make the trip  due to my having to work a little late…so what to do as adults on such a night? How about a quiet dinner and the bi-monthly grocery shopping trip. (YAY?) But it’s Halloween…and why else have a studio in your spare bedroom? Because it wasn’t quite midnight yet and seemed a perfectly good time to bring our take to our favorite characters, Mary Poppins and Bert.

Call it an homage, call it our 21st century take on the classic, but we had fun putting together our costumes (any excuse to use coal on my face?) and taking advantage of our backdrop. Only Mister Emory seemed less than thrilled.

And to top the night? Carmel apples and chocolate chip pumpkin bread procured from my mom…not to mention coffee and salted caramel hot chocolate bought by Heather for the occasion!

In the end, sometimes low key is best, even “practically perfect in every way.”


And of course going with a Disney theme-We have Emory…this was all his idea.