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Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze! Welcome Christmas


It’s almost that time! Christmas is in merely 5 whole days! And this year we will be sharing it with a certain Mouse. But really and truly what Christmas means to us is a representation of so many things. 2012 has been a year to remember for some things and to forget for others. Reflecting on these last few days of the year, it is a blessing and a miracle that we have arrived to celebrate Christmas and step into a new year. But as with years past, we have faced down every challenge and struggle and come out on the other side. Not that it is an easy or charmed life, because we are just regular people with real world lives.

But simply put, we are blessed to have found one another and to make this life together. We complement each other, and we have learned a lot on how to grow as a couple. Family is important, and this year has illustrated how much we need that wonderful support system. And how we needed it as we launched the venture we have been dreaming up for a very long time in Lost In Drawers Vintage! We are so grateful for the opportunity to begin this journey and share our passion with people all over the world. We receive so much more than business when we ship our hand wrapped packages all over the world.

So, it’s been a roller coaster of good, not so good, beautiful and not so beautiful…but here we are. Still with hearts full of dreams and plans, hopeful to find our community and our home where we can continue our path set before us. We have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. Christmas is a symbol of hope, and a time where one’s heart proves to be more powerful than one’s head. Embracing that is merry and bright indeed.


Labre Society

Christmas week is here, and what better way to start it off than the opportunity to give back to our community by volunteering for the Christmas Backpack event by The Labre Society here in Fort Worth. This holiday season, after a year of a LOT of change, struggle and growing pains, we really felt it was important for us to give back to the community. And not just give back, but to begin a lifestyle of giving back more to our community than what we take.  The event was to prep and pack over 700 rucksacks for adults and over 40 backpacks for children with a lot of the essential items that people in need may need on a daily basis. For the kids, school supplies, toiletries, snacks and cold weather gear; for the adults, cold weather gear, bibles and bus passes, food and snacks and toiletries. It was amazing to see people come together in a spirit of pure giving and work together with no stress to accomplish something for the community. We had a great time working on this, and of course things came together nicely, as fate would have it, Heather would have got put on sorting and packing scarves and clothing. There wasn’t a lot of time to take pictures but we wanted to share a few snapshots, while we were busy working and meeting so many great people. Life is too short not to make giving back an integral part of not just this time of the year, but every day. Blessed are the givers. God and life is being very good to us this Christmas season.

P.S. There was plenty of time for afterwards for caramel apples and naps!

The Holidays Have Begun

You know, as long as we have lived here in Fort Worth, we have never seen the grand tree downtown being lit. We cut out of the Parade of Lights early last year, and while we have seen the tree already lit every year we have been together, we never saw the countdown. Well, riding a post-Thanksgiving food and amazingly perfect MUPPETS high, we picked up Emory and joined our family downtown, weaving through the crowds post-parade and ended up with a great view of the tree as the crowd began to sing a Fort-Worth version of the 12 Days of Christmas and the 10…9…8 countdown began. The tree was bigger than ever, as beautiful as we had ever seen it and Emory became a huge hit with a lot of the revelers around Sundance Square. It was so much fun to experience our city in a purely joyful mood of the holiday season, and with our family.  Emory was in heaven, exploring the streets and the Omni Hotel.  It was nice to have a fireplace in the lobby so we could get fully immersed in the Christmas spirit! I think Bo was look for some marshmallows to sneak in and toast over the flames?  Thanksgiving was a success, and we do believe Christmas will be even better.

Heather & Bo

P.S. We apologize for being Emory enthusiasts…Lord help us when have a child of our own.





Christmas Gift Bags

The holidays are our favorite time of the year, but it isn’t all about self-indulgence and presents. It is about giving back for all that we have been given. Something we should do all year long. One of Bo’s co-workers presented us with this opportunity to give back. We have often thought, when giving to those who by circumstance are forced to live on the streets, what people who are without homes or in transition need on a daily basis. The Labre Society addresses this question every year, when they pack 700 adult and 40 children’s’ reusable backpacks with the things they need. This is so amazing and exactly what we have been looking for in a volunteering opportunity. We have found it very hard to volunteer at times, because many organizations do not provide adequate information and are difficult to get in contact with. Labre Society provides clear and simple information and their website provides more in depth information into the program. We are so excited to get involved and pack these bags with other who see the need and are stepping up to make a difficult time of the year just a little better for those in need.

Each Christmas Gift Bag is packed with love, containing the following items:

2 All-day bus passes
2 cans of Vienna Sausages
2 bottles of body wash / shampoo

  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Bandages
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Comb
  • Lip Balm
  • Lotion
2 pairs of white cotton socks
2 packages of peanut butter crackers
1 pair of winter gloves
1 knit scarf
1 rain poncho
1 towel
1 pocket Bible

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Breakfast Bar
  • Bottled Water

Why Do We Give-

A successful businessman in Fort Worth once donated a case of socks to a local restaurant which serves Christmas dinner to the homeless.  He expressed his desire that all dinners be accompanied by a pair of white cotton socks.  The reason, he explained, was because he had once been homeless and remembered his biggest need was for a pair of clean, dry socks, as he had to walk everywhere he went.  All gift bags from the Labre Society contain 2 pair of white cotton socks.
Ziplock Bags?
A local agency which serves the homeless was asked what it saw as the biggest need of those living on the streets.  The answer was large ziplock bags, used by the homeless to keep paperwork and clothing dry.  All gift bags contain 2 one-gallon ziplock bags.
Bus Passes?
The recipients of the bags over the years have expressed how important bus passes are to them.  When you have no transportation, an all-day bus pass is priceless.  Recipients have reported using the passes to get to doctor’s appointments and to visit family they would otherwise not see.  If the Labre Society could only provide one item, it would be bus passes.  All gift bags contain 2 all-day bus passes.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

When a Friday comes along and we are both free, it becomes a day filled with possibility and promise.  A whole day to choose our own adventure? Yes, please.  We had heard that the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History had some new exhibits and we do love a museum. This place is amazing and really does have something for everyone. From the interactive labs to the new 9/11 tribute to the dino labs – and on this trip, the quite impressive George Washington exhibit, the colorful Alexander Hogue art collection and so much more.  The staff is great, and getting to interact with the various parts of the museum is a lot of fun. If you haven’t been in a while it is a must! Run, don’t walk!

Today was great, and we were able to get Emory a new toggle coat ordered!  It took a lot of research and trial and error, but finding the perfect little coat is possible.  And to top it off, we decided and succeeded in making a full Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, we might just love turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cream style corn and cranberry sauce a whole lot.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

P.S. I was so excited to go the museum, I kind of got out the door without my camera. Thank the heavens above for the ever-present iphone!- Heather

I have High Hopes for You, November

 I’ve worn all of these clothes many, many, many times. Maybe that is the case because they are a part of my favorites, all vintage and/or thrifted items, the button down being the sole exception. So, all that to say that this is what I wore today! It’s been busy around here as we have been deciding what we want our Christmas tree theme is this holiday season that seems to be spreading as a theme throughout the house. The holidays are not a sprint for us, as we start at Halloween and treat it like a nice long stroll all the way through January 2nd. Much fun, many pictures to take and winter clothes to experiment with.

Now fashion and decorating is all fun and good, but the most important thing we did today was give to to Operation Homefront at our local Dollar Tree store, where we were able to ensure that a lot of military kids in need would have a toy or 10 (with your help!) on Christmas. We will be returning weekly till Christmas!  We love the spirit of giving. It just feels right.


Outfit Description: Vintage Jacket-Flea Market, Blouse-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Thrift Town, Vintage Boots-Goodwill

mysterious and spooky they’re all togetha ooky the addams family

As the weekend of All Hallow’s Eve, ahem Halloween, arrived – it was time to become something strange, something fun, something magical.  We were lucky enough to be invited to quite a good Halloween party thrown by our friends the Bowlings (Mr. and Mrs. Claus), and what better way to celebrate than an homage to one of our favorite brother and sister pairs ever, Wednesday and Pugsly Addams.  It was so much fun, from picking out the costumes to doing the makeup to people guessing the reference.  With family in town, and more costume fun to be had – it really is a Happy Halloween.

Bo and Heather

Hello Autumn

Today is the last possible day to probably wear this vintage lace dress. So, I suppose before I hang this dress on the vintage rack with the Summer dresses, I thought I’d give it a whirl about town. The first Texas cold front of fall is supposed to move in overnight quite quickly. Which is probably for the best as I am kind of tired of sweating in October.  It’s fall for goodness sake! We have pumpkins to carve, Halloween costumes to find and costume parties to attend…and lots…dare I say, immense amounts of turkey and dressing to eat. May the Holidays begin!

Vintage Dress- Goodwill, Cardigan-Target, Booties-xx1

Utterly Normal Lazy Sunday

These are just little snap shots of a lazy Sunday in the Liles household. We did nothing today!  Post-night out (and up till dawn) for the wedding we attended, we woke late and threw on tee shirts and jeans.  Never minding messy hair, or the laundry needing to be done, dishes to be washed only at the last second, Autumn things needing to be tended to, other things felt…right. Taking Emory on a walk, watching a little football, letting a certain puppy drag out all his toys, naps were taken as baby back ribs were smoked, said ribs were eaten, the late season fall flowers were smelled and admired.

We were boring today; we didn’t eat any pretty sweet treats, we didn’t take showers until 4 pm, we wore regular old boring Sunday clothes, we took the day as it came.  We don’t take these days for granted, nor do we ignore how blessed our life is.  We love our adventures and get aways.  We love our lazy days and simple nights.

There is something perfectly wonderful about an utterly normal lazy Sunday.

What We Wore – Wedding Edition

We love weddings.  From the way people express themselves, to the people watching, to…well, it really is all about the cake isn’t it? The day was full of great weather, a beautiful garden and the find of oddly placed pink house. The evening wedding was nicely done, and the night reception was a lot of fun; highlights included a photo booth, many, many bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper, a candy bar and a LOT of dancing. A great day to be out and about in Fort Worth.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Heather & Bo

P.S. We got dressed today! And this is what we wore. We obviously aren’t taking ourselves too serious in these photos. I had about 80 bug bites, almost fell on a big branch on the way back to the car, Bo almost dropped our camera. Needless to say sometimes “photo shoots” aren’t fun all the time. Fashion is just fashion and I thought Bo looked pretty dapper. And by the way my high bun is retired for 2011….lets all rejoice!