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Memorial Day

Being Memorial Day, we must say that not only are we forever grateful for those who have served past and present, but any time we get a week day off together is something to celebrate. But let’s be honest, what to do when half of the city’s establishments are closed?

So, with family scattered far and wide, we took the day in stride by first trying Oliver’s Fine Foods downtown Fort Wort, which did not disappoint with its soups, breads(!) and sandwiches. And with new summer sandals in tow, we explored many antique malls and thrift stores which turned up a few items for each of us. So, in the spirit of celebration, we added a run to pick up Sprinkles Cupcakes and more treasure hunting. But relaxation is the name of the holiday game so with a nice dinner in hand and the storm clouds rolling in, we did what symbolizes holidays the best: spent time with each other as family.


Happy, Happy Christmas!

There truly is no place like home for the holidays. As the new year has arrived, there is much to catch up on and the holidays have been an amazing and wild time of family, food & drinks, travel, vacation, and many many blessings. Coming home to Nancy & Michael’s house where the Brooks family spoiled us beyond what we could have ever deserved. We have been away from Fort Worth for a week and a half, and honestly I am not sure we want the holidays to end. We arrived Christmas Eve to a huge spread of favorite appetizers and beverages and awoke to presents and family time.  And among the many wonderful presents? Tickets & hotel accommodations to Universal Studios Orlando! Our vacation week plans were quickly made, and the holidays began to become a very happy new year. We cannot express how blessed we have been this holiday season and how through all the trials and difficulties we have and are sure to face, we made it through 2011. Our hearts are full and so grateful for this season away from Fort Worth and with our family.

Our Very Own Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

To our family, friends and every single reader…..we really truly do wish you a Merry & Blessed Christmas full of good tidings and cheer and a wonderfully joyous, raucous and Happy New Year. May 2012 be the best year for all of us, and all our hopes and plans moving forward towards each and every one of our destinies. We love and appreciate all of you.

Happy Holidays to you all!

There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found

We had planned a few months back to take Christmas card pictures and get them out pretty soon in plenty of time for the holidays. Yeah, so that didn’t happen so much. But we made Emory endure the Texas heat during a brutal autumn, so we thought at least we could put the results up now? So, from us to you, Happiest of Happy Holidays.

Speaking of the holiday, Christmas cannot get here soon enough as this week is dragging on so very slow. It’s time to hit the road, see family, nosh on sips & bites and see what adventure await us on the road ahead. But, to pass the time, we did our best to amuse ourselves mid-week by enduring the long traffic to see the Interlochen neighborhood lights of Arlington. Needless to say, Emory loved it more than us and the inflatable attractions did abound. We are blessed, and every day we are reminded of it.

Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze! Welcome Christmas, come this way!

Now, truth be told we put up our Christmas decorations a little early this year, a few weeks early to be exact. We happened to be bored one night and wanted our little house to be festive for the holidays a bit early. Who knew that it was going to be a busy week of Thanksgiving goodness and we wouldn’t have the time. And so here we are, four weeks away from Christmas and the house is decorated and lit, we have and will be loading up on hot chocolate and wassail and presents will be bought and wrapped and put under our nature themed Christmas tree. It truly is ’tis the season!

*Note the gloves on our chair, tilted Ikea lamp shade and Emory’s confused look! A very Merry Christmas indeed! *

We are Ever Thankful for….

We are ever Thankful for the freedom to express ourselves, including all the blessings in our lives; we are thankful for: life & breath, our life together w/ all its challenges trials victories & joys, Emory Holden Liles, our families, our home, our employment, our dreams in life & business, our transportation including our car & our stable of bicycles, our worldview, our country, our education & beliefs, our ability to give back to our community, the neighborhoods in Fort Worth that we are in love with, our entire city with all its eccentricities and foodie ways, other favorite cities and places such as New York or DisneyWorld, french macarons, breads and cheeses, chocolate fondue, street tacos, good parks and gardens with rivers and flowers, films and shows it brings to inspire us, music & records & radio that gives us music to dance & sing about the house to, for sunrises & sunsets, for open roads & possibilities, for love always winning, for hope enduring and the God that is moving in all of us, around us and through everything to prove that every single one of us is loved and accepted.  That’s Thanksgiving to us.


Happy Thanksgiving

Instagramin’ Ma’am

Just some of things that have been going on in the Liles world lately through the lens of Instagram. It’s the build up to Thanksgiving, and we’ve survived the stress and now its on to days off, sips & bites and the Brooks family joining us for an all local, stay at home holiday.  Cheers to relaxing and getting healthy and happy as Christmas (our favorite holiday) approaches!




As one might be able to tell, we are ardent fans of Halloween.  We have been several different things this weekend, and we love embodying inspirational characters and people.  You may recall last year, where we did a send up to our favorite couple from the Jean-Luc Godard film, Pierrot Le Fou.  Heather is my muse, and here she chose to embody another of Godard’s muses, Anna Karina, in her title role opposite Serge Gainsbourg from the 1967 French TV movie Anna, which if you haven’t seen it, it is a must, you can find here.  Heather’s take is at once faithful and still totally her.  That is the fun of Halloween, isn’t it?

I likewise chose something that represents an inspiration to me, the idea of a fisherman struggling with his pursuit of a goal, as written about by one of my favorite authors Ernest Hemingway in The Old Man and The Sea.  I may not be a sailor, but at least I can play one on Halloween.

So, as I hope you either buying your own stash of candy for this October 31st, or just stealing it from family, friends or your offspring (if you have kiddos), Heather & I here at Lost In Drawers wish you a very scary spooky fun and Happy Halloween!