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And So It Is


Well, my baby brother Connor graduated this weekend!! And it was lovely, and tear filled and so we have a post coming up with all that in it. But this post has nothing to do with all of that.  So, he did indeed graduate and there are pictures because my mom did say a million times…”Heather Nichole, there better be pictures!” So, yeah Mom, I took many pictures.

So, while everyone was scurrying about with graduation plans and celebrations, I was simply trying to keep out of the way.  What better way to do so than to take some pictures for myself. I thought, “hey I have a blog, and I do enjoy fashion, right?” So, here is an outfit post for the new week. Nothing new in particular, just stripes and a hat. ‘Cause when your hair is in the transition stage between not quite short but not long enough…you put a hat on it!

And, so it is…What I wore this one day over the weekend!



A Beautiful Mess App

8747169894_04e452ed0bI think everyone on the Internets is cuckoo crazy for the new ABM APP, and we are jumping on that bandwagon wholeheartedly! If you haven’t tried it? I suggest a visit to your app store and download it, best money you ever will spend!





Oh, hello there “summer”.  Summer for Texas that is, because spring is a very brief season in our fair state. It’s entirely unpredictable, as a couple of hours later it decided to storm and launch tornadoes and sling hail on all of us. But for the first part of the day, it was summery, full of sunshine and clear skies all around. Such weather is when a crop top needed to be worn, I think. Of course, with a denim jacket thrown over. Two outfit post in a row!

And of course we are praying for the people affected by the storms, while we were pretty safe. Also, while we are at it…let’s hope to the heavens that this weekend will be comfy and clear. We are planning to attend the Dallas Asian Festival. We have never been and are pretty excited to experience the foods, sights and sounds! Friday evening can’t get here soon enough!


Anthology Issue No. 9


One of my favorite tumblrs, Confetti Garden.


Anthology Issue No. 8, Summer 2012

Anthology magazine simply makes me happy. I just used to be a magazine hoarder of sorts, but I have severely cut down in recent years. Besides the ever lovely Lula and Russh magazines, Anthology is a staple for inspiration and style. Bo always finds it for me at our local Anthropolgie whenever it comes out. I got to take this particular issue on our recent anniversary trip to New Orleans. And by far, this is my favorite issue. Every page seems chock full of inspiration of all types and styles for one’s home. Heres to anxiously awating the next issue!

P.S. – Speaking of New Orleans and beautiful style, our thoughts and prayers have been with NOLA and surrounding cities in the wake of Hurricane Issaac. Our host each trip is Lillian, whose guest cottage is adorable and we have featured on the blog. She has been vital to our growing love for the Crescent City, and we have been praying for her and her home as she evacuated prior to the storm. Sending prayers, good vibes  and love to the best city in the South!

The Swimsuit: A History of Twentieth-Century Fashion-1980′s

Anthology Issue 7

I mean COME ON….Thank you Anthology Mag for SO much inspiration!

Fort Worth-Vintage Style 4

Bo and I were at our local Montgomery Street Antique Mall, scouring the mall of vintage trinkets and treasures, one of our favorite pastimes. We ran across these in our favorite booth. We would most definitely hang out with them all.

Shape Shifting: Thoughts for Preachers, Prophets and Travelers

Bo had a little article published on our mutual friend’s website The Whiskey Preacher.  Check it out!

Shape Shifting: Thoughts for Preachers, Prophets and Travelers