Two Year Wedding Anniversary Adventures

This is a story of an unedited life and the unedited anniversary that was far from perfect and oh so real.

We had been tossing ideas around for our anniversary for a few months.  I threw out an idea for a road trip (last year was a one location stay-cation) and Tulsa became a target.  Heather did some research and soon we had a hotel booked and a loose plan of where to go and what to do.  Except we forgot a few things.  We have a puppy, no dog sitter (or desire to leave him) and a nationwide heat wave.  You see, traveling with a dog is a roller coaster.  Pet friendly hotels are limited, you are limited to outdoor dining/takeout/delivery/room service only and of course your puppy is not always welcome in businesses or places of interest.  Suddenly 10 days before our anniversary, Tulsa was out.  So life demanded we regroup.

We chose the NYLO Hotel, a pet friendly (such a subjective term) hotel in Las Colinas.  We figured it seemed pretty cool, with a modern design and loft concept.  Well, it seems a loft concept is a narrow hallway type room with a lot of hard surfaces.  The NYLO concept is a green/eco-friendly hotel…which we support, except on our anniversary.  Lights that need a key card to stay on and a shower that automatically shuts of the hot water after a certain amount of time evidently does not scream romance.  Neither does a hotel bar that breeds screaming ladies and drunken fighting couples who do a nice stage performance of who hit who in the hall until 5am.  But a few hours of sleep and a husband’s morning trip to pick up amazing creations from Yummy Donuts and we realized that we like our traditions and anniversaries are a time to go with what you know.

And things were on track, the suite was perfect thanks to Nancy (Heather’s mom) and truly saved our whole weekend, Emory was running about on the carpet like a banshee, and we were relaxing…and then Bo set his hair on fire.  Yes, you read that right…Bo’s hair caught on fire.  Evidently leaning back in the oversize tub to rest one’s head can lead to flames in the style of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial from the 80’s.  It was a sign that anniversaries are not perfect, and neither is life.  Hair catches on fire, meals can make one sick, and the puppy can make a mess out of the hotel suite.  But the key to a real life is to adapt, to attempt to laugh more than rage or cry and pop a bottle of bubbly and eat a donut covered in cereal or candy.  But a proper hotel room cannot be wasted.  On our anniversary proper, dinner reservations at Fortuna on the west side for 7pm led us to a table set for 7 people and a few table options later, our Italian dinner was delicious and the night called for gelato, And a perfect gift of hand picked vintage Italian shoes for Heather

But come on, was it perfect? No, it was a roller coaster.  But with Heather’s mom helping us immensely, we made memories, we learned to go with what we know what works and we began a new year together with a promise to avoid the illusions of perfection and laugh a lot more…especially when somebody’s hair catches on fire.

We want to say that we are beyond blessed, and laughter came from all of these little adventures!

Bo & Heather