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It is a newly released hybrid brand apple that debuted in 2009. It is a pinkish apple consisting of a yellow background that is intermittent with red coloration. The surface of the apple has several distinguishing visual characteristics, with freckle-like white lenticels.

So we tried an expensive apple today…the SweeTango apple…not Sweet Tango apple. I have to get that right. It is quite delicious, and tart but sweet and has a hint of spice at the end. The boys loved it. And why wouldn’t they love an almost $2 apple?  I ask you?


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And So It Is


Well, my baby brother Connor graduated this weekend!! And it was lovely, and tear filled and so we have a post coming up with all that in it. But this post has nothing to do with all of that.  So, he did indeed graduate and there are pictures because my mom did say a million times…”Heather Nichole, there better be pictures!” So, yeah Mom, I took many pictures.

So, while everyone was scurrying about with graduation plans and celebrations, I was simply trying to keep out of the way.  What better way to do so than to take some pictures for myself. I thought, “hey I have a blog, and I do enjoy fashion, right?” So, here is an outfit post for the new week. Nothing new in particular, just stripes and a hat. ‘Cause when your hair is in the transition stage between not quite short but not long enough…you put a hat on it!

And, so it is…What I wore this one day over the weekend!


Home Outfit

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We are back home from being with my family for Memorial Day weekend. And though we will be seeing them again in 3 days time for my youngest baby brothers high school graduation, I have to say that I love going home. I love that my family lives in a small town, I love that it rains so much there that they get way more toadstools than we ever see in our neck of the woods. And I especially enjoy that there are never next door neighbors around, so that I can go stand in front of their fence anytime for a “outfit shot.” God Bless America.

But you know what I really love right now? While we were at my parents, we got a email expressing interest in Lost in Drawers Vintage being in a local craft/vintage show downtown in Sundance Square. Pretty pumped! More info coming very very soon!



Oh, hello there “summer”.  Summer for Texas that is, because spring is a very brief season in our fair state. It’s entirely unpredictable, as a couple of hours later it decided to storm and launch tornadoes and sling hail on all of us. But for the first part of the day, it was summery, full of sunshine and clear skies all around. Such weather is when a crop top needed to be worn, I think. Of course, with a denim jacket thrown over. Two outfit post in a row!

And of course we are praying for the people affected by the storms, while we were pretty safe. Also, while we are at it…let’s hope to the heavens that this weekend will be comfy and clear. We are planning to attend the Dallas Asian Festival. We have never been and are pretty excited to experience the foods, sights and sounds! Friday evening can’t get here soon enough!


Jazz Shoes


Woot, Woot Goodwill!

This is my second pair of dance shoes in mint condition that I have found there. The first pair were tap shoes and being that I’m a dancer at heart….a DANCER! You get it, yes? Okay, and while we are at it…I am an even bigger thrifter at heart. Everything you see here is thrifted being that this is an outfit post after all. And I haven’t done an “outfit post” in a long while. So here it is…what I wore today, what I danced in today, what my husband laughed at me in today. And if I can make him laugh…it is all worth it. Other than putting on clothes in the morning, we are getting our house done little by little…we have only 4 or 5 boxes left in our living room! What a feat…considering before it was like 100…so there’s that. And to cap the day off, in this house we finally have a garden flower bed. And we are planting that little thing up. Stay tuned for that! Things are getting “crazy” over at the Liles house…real. real. crazy.


Block of Color

Sometimes you can’t traipse through a giant magical forest to get an outfit picture…so, sometimes you just have the side of your house. And that can work, right…right? This is just a snap shot of a little color blocking I did for this first Wednesday of February.

I bought this skirt, oh about two years ago and never had a chance to wear it…initially, I kind of hated it, but the real beauty of vintage is loving pieces that you can pick out on a whim and end up loving them later for an entirely different reason.

The week is flying by as we get closer daily to the big move and the walls are becoming less filled and boxes are being procured. Emory doesn’t know what to think, and we are sure he will be a mess for a bit with new changes in the air. And what better way to pack than to throw on a good Nina Simone record and pack pack pack away! Here is to working for the weekend.

Outfit Description- Blouse-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Goodwill, Booties-xx1

I will love you as a drawer loves a secret compartment, and as a secret compartment loves a secret

I don’t think I ever tire of exploring our Botanic Gardens. Each and every time there is still so much to discover. Which is lovely as my favorite time to wander around the gardens and woods is Fall time. We have been waiting quite anxiously for the leaves to really change in an overt way. And POOF! On this, 11/11/11, they did indeed. It was inspiring, peaceful and just the time needed to breathe. That being said, I don’t think we can be more ready for Thanksgiving to come around.
Hello, last 50 days of the year…we’re ready for you.
P.S. This is what I wore today, I picked this vintage floral dress up when I really scored at Goodwill the other day. I thought because it was floral I might have to wait until next year, but really, who wrote that rule?! Not me, so I wore it with tights and a scarf to “Autumn” it up just a wee bit. It may be my favorite dress of November, that is until I wear a lovely navy polka dot dress I found, then that one will sure to be my favorite! Cheers.

I have High Hopes for You, November

 I’ve worn all of these clothes many, many, many times. Maybe that is the case because they are a part of my favorites, all vintage and/or thrifted items, the button down being the sole exception. So, all that to say that this is what I wore today! It’s been busy around here as we have been deciding what we want our Christmas tree theme is this holiday season that seems to be spreading as a theme throughout the house. The holidays are not a sprint for us, as we start at Halloween and treat it like a nice long stroll all the way through January 2nd. Much fun, many pictures to take and winter clothes to experiment with.

Now fashion and decorating is all fun and good, but the most important thing we did today was give to to Operation Homefront at our local Dollar Tree store, where we were able to ensure that a lot of military kids in need would have a toy or 10 (with your help!) on Christmas. We will be returning weekly till Christmas!  We love the spirit of giving. It just feels right.


Outfit Description: Vintage Jacket-Flea Market, Blouse-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Thrift Town, Vintage Boots-Goodwill

Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night.

Today’s nasty Autumn weather called for my new vintage red swing jacket. I do believe its pop of color was just want I needed to drive away to the rainy day blues. And speaking of jackets, the last piece of my Halloween costume came in today. My “Anna” is now complete. I did not realize that the research for this costume was going to be pretty intense, and it is kind of silly how much work went into it. But this is what I love, it was fun for me. I’m fairly sure no one will know what or who I am…as it is not an American pop culture reference. Kind of like our Pierrot le Fou costumes last year.  But any holiday that I get to dress up as a Godard girl or Anna Karina character I am all for it. So, it’s time to carve Emory’s pumpkin, don scarves and hats and sweaters and welcome the Great Pumpkin under the harvest moon.

Outfit Description: Cream Sweater-Heritage 81, Vintage Dress(under sweater)-Goodwill, Vintage – Goodwill, Vintage Swing Coat-Thrift Town

little star sweeper

There’s a wonderful chill in the air. It may seem as if I talk about the weather (probably) too much.  I apologize…no, really. I do.  As my fellow Texas residents know, the weather here can one day be incredible frustrating, annoying, impossible and then the next day be absolutely lovely and grand. Bu that’s the way it goes some times, and today it was the latter…autumn seems to be making an appearance.

I did get to wear my second new vintage coat and a splash of color.  Now that I have, of course I will go back to all things neutral, black and white. I just had to get the sherbert colors out of the way now. These are a few quick pics at home, as we have been homebodies as of late.  And since the weather is trying to turn, Emory was ready to get his quite manly puppy sweaters down, something that seems to give him extra energy and speed. Because…he ran. all. over. our backyard.  As it has been pouring down rain the last couple of days, our grass is a vibrant green and too high and I think it gave him superpowers. All this after it was dead all summer, so we haven’t wanted or to or had a real reason to mow it. Yet, now one side is so tall it actually hissed at me the other morning!  I can not tell a lie! Or maybe it was the 30 feral cats that dominate the alleys.  Let hope they are in a free jazz band? Who knows, eh?

This weather makes me leap in my heart with anticipation for the next few months. Both Bo and I are very excited for the approaching holidays, we can’t stop talking about it.  I can taste the wassail, smell the apple cinnamon throughout the house and taste the s’mores.  Speaking of s’mores, we might just have to have a s’more date tomorrow.


Outfit Description: Coral Sweater-Buffalo Exchange, Skirt-xx1, Vintage Jacket-Thrift Town, Booties-Buffalo Exchange