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Need An Answer

What early 90’s children’s game show did that quote come from?! Double Dare! The Nickeloden all time favorite Double Dare. I’ve been watching a lot of this classic on The N channel at 12am thanks to Teen Nick 90’s Are All That block of shows. It’s┬ánostalgia city, and as of late they’ve been playing Figure it Out, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Doug, All That… so many of the classics. However, I’m still waiting for Nice Arcade, Roundhouse, What Would You Do and Are You Afraid of the Dark? among others! Since Bo is a wee bit older than me, and was raised very Pentecostal and wasn’t allowed to watch television in the early 90s, he had no clue of any of the greatness of 1990s TV. His first homework assignment? RetroJunk.com.

Well, when I’m not cathing up on 90’s TV, I’ve still been sewing; lightly sewing, let’s not get crazy. I’m no professional, but I did get to work on this very long (all the way down to my toes long) 80’s/90s dress that was pretty boring in its original form. Bo was not a fan when I pulled it out of the dresses section at Goodwill, probably due to a flashback back to his church days and seeing girls running around in very long dresses and very long hair. But when do I ever listen to him? So, I brought it home, trimmed it up with a cut and a snip and hemmed it. And now? It’s a fun little dress. The back is really great, with a zig zag design. I think it will be just great with some tights in the winter.

This weekend hasn’t been all 90’s TV and sewing. My parents got back from Las Vegas and brought us sweet treats and presents. It is an understatement that they are incredibly giving and always so good to us. We are lucky to have them in our life.

Other than that, it’s summer in Texas and it’s really horribly hot and gross, so we have combated the heat with many trips to our favorite sno-cone stand, sharing ice cream cones, complete with sprinkles I bring from home! Yes, I’m that girl who has sprinkles in her purse. And it wouldn’t be summer without taking Emory to In-N-Out burger, because he loves the fries. We allow this as he plays enough ball to burn more calories than we do. And what’s summer really done for us? Well, we launched Lost In Drawers Vintage, and there is no better clue for the summertime blues than wrapping up many dresses, and sending them to their new lovely homes.

Now, can autumn hurry up, please? No seriously please hurry.


Snip, Snip, Snip

So, apparently I’m SuzyHomemaker (cause if you bake and sew you’re a home-maker?) as I recently dusted off my sewing machine that has been in its box since my late lovely Nana gave it to me as a present for our wedding shower. It always taunted me just sitting there in the box, and while I knew I wanted to open it but I was fearful. Which seems so silly now that I’ve worked on several projects and it really was so easy to use. I took sewing in high school and a lot of what our teacher taught us came back instantly. But winding and loading the bobbin always seemed to give me trouble. With a few YouTube tutorials…it was done! I’ve had a pile of thrift store finds that I’ve wanted to either shorten the hem, take off horribly long sleeves, or both. It a nice pile to have as these are all things I can practice on. Now, I’m not that confident to try it out just yet on our own Etsy store’s vintage dresses as we already made the decision that those will be taken to a very skilled tailor but of course.

This particular dress has been in the pile for a long time. I had needed to take it to the tailor. Originally, it was super long…all the way down to my ankles, and the sleeves were outdated. But I really saw that it had potential: I loved the collar, the floral print and those darling buttons. So as I got my machine up and running, I knew I wanted this dress to be my first project. Now, I should have taken a before photo, but in all seriousness…I was too excited and just started sewing away. And it was amazing that that it didn’t take long at all.

 But it was a fun, easy project and now I want to ransack every Fort Worth thrift store (even more than we already do) and hem everything! Though I do need to work on my sass and hands on hip, one or the other Heather, one or the other.