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Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the Beast

There is something about Disney that is beyond wonderful, no matter one’s age. So, our house has been buzzing when we found out the Disney vault was re-releasing the classic Beauty in the Beast…wait for it…in 3D! Now, to be honest we are not the biggest 3D fans but we were game and today we got to see the classic featuring everyone’s favorite Belle, that Beast chap and a cast of enchanted housewares. And it was everything we had hoped for and MORE. Disney above any other studio does 3D right, using it with care and to great effect. They know that good story is the key, and everything else is just a bonus. It was better looking than ever before and of course the story and songs are timeless, you know, a tale as old as time. Go see it!

Up next…The Little Mermaid 3D….September 2013! Pretty Epic!


DIY – Button Wall Hanging tutorial

So, I’ve been pretty pumped about this D.I.Y. from our friend Jessica from jessicafreed.tumblr.  Jessica’s Tumblr is a D.I.Y. dream come true. She has so much talent, style and creativity. Things I would never even think of, she actually does them and shares them with all of us!  So, when I first saw that she made this D.I.Y. out of left over buttons a plank and some sweat equity, I wanted to have one too! We will be making this for our home very soon.  Here she explains how she did it.  Thank you Lady Jessica for your time and talent!



  • A wooden plank (easily purchased at any craft store for around 10$. I have a ton of them left over from being center pieces at my wedding last year),
  • A piece of paper with a shape or letter cut out of it (I used my mother’s-in-law cricut for this but you could easily free hand something or print something out on a computer and cut it out, or even if you browse through a nice mag and find something you could use that, be creative my dears),
  • Tape, glue gun, scissors, BUTTONS! I find the best way to get buttons is to go to a salvation army or something of that sort and ask them. I went the other day just to see if this was true and yes, it is. They brought me out 2 jars full of them that were 10$ each.

  • Moving right along, tape your letter or shape to the wooden plank. Try a shape, then let me know how it works please. The cricut has a super cute vespa shape that I’d like to try next, but my husband’s ex band friend is getting hitched in a month and their last name will be Bell so I just went ahead and did a B for now.

  • Ok, now lay some buttons on there. Play around with different sizes and colors etc. Have fun.

  • Then when it looks how you want it to, button by button, hot glue them on. It sounds and looks terribly tedious when you first start, but I’m telling you this is an easy as all get out project. Ok got em all glued down? Let the glue kind of get hard, should only take a min or 2. Then pull your paper off. Slowly as not to disturb any buttons.

  • Now take a step back, if it looks “skinny” in certain spots, use more buttons. I had to do that a lot with the “F” I made last week but not so much with this “B”. And there ya go! You’re done. You can either go buy some sort of hangy backy thing and put it on or do like me and cut a small piece of ribbon and hot glue each end of it to the back for hanging purposes. Do whatever you want. Welp, that’s it. I think next week I’m doing a mirror type wall decor project probably so tune in for that or whatever. OH… look at all the buttons I still have. button button I’ve got the button.