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It’s November! Can you believe it? November! I can’t even start. Barely more than a month until 2014, so some attitude was surely needed for these photos. The leaves are falling and it’s almost tights weather. There is so much coming up…definitely stay tuned!

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Smile You’re On Camera


When you see an abandoned service station that says Smile You’re On Camera? You pull over? Yes, you pull over, go rogue stye if you will for the good of the blog. In other news, another day and another case of two unhappy little boys. We keep telling them that they get to go to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin out…’cause you know that is what every little pup wants to do. PICK a darn pumpkin out! But we had another meeting that kept us from it again, yet we swear come rain or shine we are getting those boys to the pumpkin patch!

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What’s This


So, I’ve been watching so much of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, halfway because it’s Halloween time and halfway because my mom and I are going to Disney World to meet Jack and Sally. And that’s pretty exciting! But besides watching movies, it’s been all about my parents and family and puppies, and more eating of food. And did I mention family? It was a whirlwind of seeing an Elvis impersonator, during a cousin’s birthday party, and more silliness than I can remember.

We adore it when my parents come into town…but the cost of that is that we also clean and clean…and we get exhausted by the time Sunday evening came around. So, we took a bike ride…we rode and rode until my battery ran out. Well, next week, I might say differently at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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Tee Shirt


So, I wore a tee shirt, folks. No big deal, nothing to write home about probably. Simply put, it’s what I wore today. But, the thing to gush over is my new clogs. I absolutely love clogs. I’m a clog fan. Maybe not for every day bike riding, but perfectly cute to wear about town.

Let’s get back to talking like adults about the weather AND all things fall. Because that IS what we talk about on this blog, apparently? In the spirit of the season, we carved a pumpkin, have been drinking a lot of warm coffee and tea and have been getting the house decorated for fall and ready for my parents to come stay with us for the weekend. As usual, it’s been busy, yet rewarding – the house is cleaner than its been in some time and the weather is perfect for fashion and family!


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The National


So, it finally came, we finally were privileged to see The National live. This band was very much a part of our dating life and has stayed with us as an integral part of the soundtrack to our married life. We have been wanting to see them live ever since we met in 2008, and 5 – count them, FIVE – years later we saw them in Dallas at the former Palladium, now Southside Ballroom. So, yes we got dressed up and nails were shellaced with a gel coat and soon enough we were there as Tame Impala from Perth, Australia opened. Yes, we aren’t 19 and 24 anymore, so crowds and beer on our shoes isn’t quite as desirable these days. But, soon enough The National were onstage and they hit songs from 4 of their records, including all of our personal favorites. They sounded incredible and Matt, might be the most intense front man to ever sing in a deep baritone voice. It was wonderful, and silly and sometimes stretched out – but lovely all the same. Some bands are worth leaving the nest to see.


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“Be obscure clearly.”

4Don’t you love an E.B. White quote? I sure do. E.B. White – “Be obscure clearly! Be wild of tongue in a way we can understand.”

Is it time for Thanksgiving yet? It will be a new thanksgiving experience this year. We will be traveling to Arkansas to be with Bo’s side of the family for the first time. I’m hoping to eat and eat and many pies and see many a-changing leaves. But before Thanksgiving, we had a special concert this weekend! We had the privilege of seeing The National in Dallas. Seeing as this was the soundtrack to be and Bo’s courting, engagement and marriage. it’s pretty darn special. We were and are beside ourselves. More on that later!

Okay, we talk about the weather enough here on this blog, but I am deciding to dress for the month, or the time of year regardless of temperature. You hear that, Texas? So. I may get strange looks when it’s 80 degrees out and I’m wearing pleather and a beanie…but that’s the way it’s gotta be!

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It is a newly released hybrid brand apple that debuted in 2009. It is a pinkish apple consisting of a yellow background that is intermittent with red coloration. The surface of the apple has several distinguishing visual characteristics, with freckle-like white lenticels.

So we tried an expensive apple today…the SweeTango apple…not Sweet Tango apple. I have to get that right. It is quite delicious, and tart but sweet and has a hint of spice at the end. The boys loved it. And why wouldn’t they love an almost $2 apple?  I ask you?


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Okay, can we just talk about Vintage Tex some more? I found this skirt in Jen’s precious store, and while going through racks of plaid…it jumped out at me. I love, love this skirt. It might be my favorite one of the moment. Its classic, yet still very modern. So three cheers for Vintage Tex! Thank you again, Jennifer for letting me search and search the store and find sooo much!

Speaking of new things, I got a little chop chop done to my hair. I wanted something fresh and fun as the seasons change, so Sabrina outdid herself and cut it just perfectly. I love it! So, here is to the weekend and our attending of the long-awaited The National concert!

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You Would

1Fall pattern mixing, it’s a thing and I am a fan! I am so enjoying this not quite tights or knee high weather these days. I know it can change just about any day so I’m loving these bare legs. Though inside our house I keep the boys in sweaters because they are “cold” or i just think they are adorable and/or it keeps them calm…as they wear sweaters and listen to smooth jazz music, either way I’ll take it.

We had a nice stop by our friends at Vintage Tex in Colleyville, which we will discuss more in detail later, but for now we will leave you with a little peak inside their shop!

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