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Month: September, 2010

Day of rest, indeed

We live in a beautiful world

We woke up before sensible people should to volunteer with Angel Food Ministries.  The world was full of rain and gray skies, yet we moved about and started our day…it went from giving our time to attending a wedding, to adventuring in the city – for an old wall is beautiful.  Art in an back alley.  Great food was had, drives into downtown where Schakolad Chocolate was eaten and the people watching was plentiful.  We closed our eyes, and we went to THE City, remembering the rhythm of how to live with purpose and focus.  How the world is ours if we want it, and knowing that – everything is a little more beautiful.


It is the end of the week.  The hustle of another fast paced world slows down a bit and well…it is time to celebrate.  Heather and I are big fans of comfort food and there is something about barbeque/bbq that screams Friday night and everything good about the weekend.  We ventured out to a newer place in Fort Worth by the name of Woody Creek Barbeque.  A spin off of the Springtown joint, this bright clean space is pretty standard fare.  The price seems a tad steep but the portions are quite generous, and the flavors are really good.  Again, it is Friday – the week doesn’t matter when  you are tasting smoky meat and sweet, deep sauce.  The fries were okay, but the meat was good and makes our lists of places we will give a second try.  3.0/5.0


dog days are over

The weather is turning…. You can feel it in the wind.  There is something about the wind how it moves…changes.  When it is out of control it feels a lot like life overwhelming, frustrating, strong.  Yet other times it is perfect.  A signal… a needed sign that one way is over and another is coming.  Recently we found this little lake in the middle of our neighborhood and the wind was gentle blowing across the water and the sky was so blue and it made us both realize how blessed we are to live our life.  Note my skirt  definitely an Anthropologie investment piece that pay for themselves.  We then headed off to enjoy some bites at La Madeline nothing like some tomato basil soup, spinach salad with bacon and strawberries, Mediterranean flatbread and a perfect little chocolate tort.  We met Sherry Bo’s mom later on and continued to add to the house project art, drapes, sheets and a shag bath rug.  A day of blessing and a day of realizing how amazing things can be when you let them be.

Blueberrrrrryyy Pannnnnnncakessss

That Bisquick blueberry pancake song is on TV waaaaaaay too much…and the bad lyrics aside, there is something to be said for home.  The comfort, the smell, the feel, the way it brings you in and you rarely want to leave.  Well, until adventure calls you out into the world.  We are working on our home.  As the summer slides unwillingly into autumn, the season seems to be tend towards nesting and home.  So, today was a step towards creating a “home that rises up to meet you” (thanks Oprah?).  We added to our new stable of arrangements by venturing into making our own after a trip to Michael’s.  Pumpkins and silhouette jack-o-lanterns are to come, folks.  We have been experimenting with swags of flower garland and flags.  We also are venturing into the wide world of paint.  We took our little pile of paint samples to Lowe’s and chose two for samples and we think we have our living and dining rooms picked, so stayed tuned.  We added a blue suitcase, mannequin, and other details – and are excited for the Pierrot Le Fou print and tissue flower balls for our Fall decor to arrive in the post.  Our little nest is becoming a Home – and there is something amazing about that.  Adventure takes the simplest forms and the sky was blue and the fields are still green.  The summer is fighting hard and it seems to make it a beautiful night.  Errands done, the night called for the best yogurt in Fort Worth – we highly recommend Yogolait Yogurt Shop.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed.  Strawberry yogurt with fruity pebbles on top may just be better than those blueberry pancakes.

Kaloo Kalay come run away

The city is often our muse, and it can recall the best of times.  Today was a day a free day of choices we didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything unless we wanted to.  For Bo, it is sleeping in till 11.  For me it’s errands and the thrill of finding treasures new and old.  I like a good outfit, folks.  We spent the day going here and there looking for this and that not really finding any vintage and then finding a few pieces inspired from the beauty that J.Crew.  A visit with the mummsy and popsy..then it was all about a metroplex romp to find Donuts at night!  And just like in New York on our honeymoon… Dunkin’ Donuts saved the night and made a good day great!  CHEERS!

Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings–

The sun in Texas can make you seek shade.  But the green is taking over the trees and the shade is rich with depth and color.  We tend to seek for places to explore that are full on interest.  The true test of any location has to be whether or not you can find something new and different every time.  The day wore on and the sun led us to meet up with family and enjoy Michael’s birthday at a local favorite, Buttons.  Updated soul food from Buttons– we dined on fried green tomatoes with pork, egg over easy, red eye gravy and greens; pot roast; fried catfish; gumbo; a host of sides; peach cobbler.

A good day and an even better night – there is no better feeling in life than family and making memories.

“Begin at the beginning,” and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

One last birthday present, it’s a little late..but so appropriate for the present. My husband knows me very well. And I have to say I was watching the Syfy Alice mini series when the FedEx man came to the door..I can’t make this stuff up folks..I’m a little bit nerdy.

You want thingamabobs? I got twenty But who cares? No big deal I want more

Struck out on flowers and fall decor, consoled ourselves with pancakes and bagels at Ol’ South,

and followed out inspiration to procure paint samples to brighten our lovely home.

Some day are better left simple.




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Sick-o Monday Blues

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but everything changes when that man walks through the door, home from work. Home sweet home.

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